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Mizzou Links, 7-8-09

Really, the major source of links today has nothing (directly) to do with Mizzou--yesterday was the latest Congressional waste of time hearing on the BCS, and a few people were brave enough to watch.  I was not.  Links!

  • The Wiz of Odds: Will the WAC and Mountain West Say No to the BCS?
    [T]he attention now turns to the 18 presidents of WAC and Mountain West schools. Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman reports that the presidents must decide by Thursday afternoon whether to sign a new agreement between the BCS and television partner ESPN that goes into effect after the 2010 regular season and runs for four years.

    The WAC and Mountain West are the only Division I-A conferences that have not signed the deal. If they don't sign, the leagues risk millions in hopes of changing the system to improve access and payouts for their schools.
  • Idaho Statesman: WAC, Mountain West face big decision on BCS
  • Team Speed Kills: A Recap of the Senate BCS Hearing
  • Team Speed Kills: The Economics of Why the BCS Doesn't Want Change
  • Dr. Saturday: Orrin Hatch is taking you to Turkmenistan, and you will darn well like it

To football recruiting!  Grand Blanc (MI) WR Tony Jones very much enjoyed his visit to Columbia this week, while Moore (OK) ATH Julian Wilson, as expected, visited and committed to OU yesterday.

Staying at PowerMizzou, Gabe rates and ranks the North's RB units in order to come up with a set of overall North rankings.  What a great idea (ahem)!


Leo Lyons sees some action with the Pacers last night, scoring 7 points in 5 minutes

 The Maneater's back!  In it, we find a couple of solid articles about both how athletic success had led to ridiculously high application numbers, and how fan groups like ZouCrew, Tigers' Lair, and VolleyZou help freshmen acclimate.  Solid reads, both.

Another day, another Illinois write-up, this one from our SBN mates Maize N Brew.

Juice Williams does a lot of things, and does them fairly well. However, it is not a good sign when your QB leads the team in rushing as he did last year. I believe that Juice is a very good player; one who deserves a lot of respect from defenses. However, when he is asked to do too much - as was often done to him last year - he makes mistakes. Juice is a much better quarterback when he can actually set up, look for Benn, and scramble at the last possible second. I compare it to Kobe Bryant in a backwards kind of way. The less shots Kobe takes, the better the Lakers are. The less running around that Juice does, the better the Illini will be. Juice =/= Pat White. The media wants him to be, but the less he resembles Pat White, the better.

It's Summer Ball at!

Finally...nothing to do with nothing, but I think Chris Cooley is my new favorite (non-Mizzou) tight end.