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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - It's Oklahoma State Week!  Can they win the South in 2009, or at least pull a Texas Tech (beat UT at home, tie for the win)?

2 - Here's OSU's schedule.  With ten seconds of thought or less, what's their record?

9/5 - Georgia
9/12 - Houston
9/19 - Rice
9/26 - Grambling State
10/10 - at Texas A&M
10/17 - Missouri
10/24 - at Baylor
10/31 - Texas
11/7 - at Iowa State
11/14 - Texas Tech
11/19 - Colorado
11/28 - at Oklahoma

3 - Congress continues to involve itself in college football, now holding what basically amount to anti-trust hearings regarding the BCS.  Is there any good whatsoever that can come of this?

4 - Be honest: how much of the Michael Jackson funeral did you watch?

The Beef: 1 - No, they can’t.

2 - 9/5 – Georgia - loss
9/12 – Houston - win
9/19 – Rice - win
9/26 - Grambling State - win
10/10 - at Texas A&M - win
10/17 – Missouri - win
10/24 - at Baylor - win
10/31 – Texas - loss
11/7 - at Iowa State - win
11/14 - Texas Tech - win
11/19 – Colorado - win
11/28 - at Oklahoma - loss

Looks like 9-3 to me…I could see 10-2 perhaps…yeah…no…probably not.

3 - Who is doing what with the BCS?

4 - I was back in our break room and saw it on TV, so I went back to my desk and opened it up and left it in the corner of my 2nd monitor.  I started about when Lionel Ritchie sang, so it was pretty early on.  Some interesting stuff/performances.

Michael Atchison: 1 & 2.  These questions seemed designed to expose how little attention I’m paying to the other eleven football teams over the summer months.  I’m going to go out on a very thin limb here and predict that either Oklahoma or Texas – and not Oklahoma State – will win the South this year.  In related news, look for tomorrow to be Thursday.

3.  As the lone member of the panel who has practiced antitrust law (at least I think I’m the lone member), no good whatsoever.  It’s a messed-up, screwed-up system, but it’s the system.  If anyone really thought there was a good antitrust claim here, I suspect they’d sue the BCS.  Haven’t heard a rumbling of that.

4.  Honestly, I saw not one second of the Jackson memorial, unless you count me walking through the outdoor area of the KC Power & Light District last night and going past a giant screen showing Anderson Cooper and Al Sharpton talking and showing clips.  Lost in all the Jackson coverage is that Sky Saxon, founder of 1960s garage rockers The Seeds ("Pushin’ Too Hard," "Can’t Seem to Make You Mine") also passed last week.  Seriously, did anybody NOT die in the past ten days?

The Beef: Cartoon Network/Adult Swim has been running a list of celebrities who did NOT die last week….most of them are hot women…very few men on there, but clearly a Georgia fan had some impact on the list as Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford are the only two athletes on it (I believe)

Doug: 1 - If OSU can beat Texas at home, ala Tech, then we could have another 3-way tie in the South again.

2 - 10-2. I don't see them beating Texas or Oklahoma, regardless of where they play.

3 - I'm sure some good will come out of it. I mean, Congress has such a sterling reputation for getting things done, right?

4 - I watched about five minutes worth over the course of three or four times. The most memorable moment: After the singing of "We Are the World," Katie Couric said, "This is a very poignant way to end the service." And, as she's talking, kids starting walking onto the stage, and someone else starts singing. No one knew when this thing was going to end, and the broadcasts were pretty much a crapshoot.

The Boy: You know how you could become more well-read on the topic of Mizzou's 2009 opponents?  Read Rock M Nation.  Ahem.  Just saying.

1 - Best-case scenario is a 3-way tie in which they probably finish third like Tech did.  Getting Texas, who they almost beat last year, at home is huge, and they could very well win that one.  And their road schedule is extremely manageable.  7-1 in conference is possible, but I'm hedging my bets and saying 6-2 and a game out of the title hunt.

2 - I think I've officially decided that Georgia is my "slept-on" team of 2009.  We're hearing a ton about Ole Miss, but I think both LSU and Georgia will be better than the Rebels, and the Georgia-OSU game could be extremely intriguing because we don't know what Georgia's offense or OSU's defense will be capable of heading in.  I can't shake the thought that they're going to lose that game, though, which leads to 9-3 overall.  Still a good season, by all means.

3 - Even though most people do enjoy the thought of a college football playoff, NOTHING good will come of this because even if Grandstanding Orrin Hatch (who, strangely, expressed no displeasure whatsoever with the system until his Utes made their way into the picture) gets his way, the changes made will likely be absolutely horrible.  The only way a good playoff solution comes about is organically, where poor ratings convince higher-ups to get involved.  If Congress mandates change, there is a 5% chance of a good solution.  If it's football higher-ups, the chance is only about 10% that they'll get it right (they're most likely just going to institute a Plus One game, which wouldn't have prevented Utah or Boise State from getting screw in 2008 and 2006, respectively, and then Orrin Hatch will be throwing another fit in five years), but...10% is better than 5%, no?

4 - Not a second.  Was working, though work didn't stop QUITE a few co-workers from checking out the festivities.  I still can't picture Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields hanging out together...or Michael and Magic eating fried chicken together, but...well, I can't imagine how screwed up you have to be to create Neverland Ranch either, so I've come to accept that my mind just isn't going to grasp the life of MJ.

rptgwb: 1. I'm not sure they pull off the three-way tie. I think there's a second conference loss snuck in there somewhere.

2. I have no clue what to expect from the Georgia game. I'll take the Pokes in Stillwater in that game, and that Houston matchup could be a little tricker than expected. In ten seconds or less? I say either 9-3 or 10-2.

3. No. Even though I favor changing the system, Orrin Hatch has crept his way onto my list of people I'd favor never hearing from again.

4. Zero seconds. Praise me.

Doug: Well-read? Please, I'm not even what you would considered "read" on KU's opponents. Where's the fun in that?

ZouDave: Sorry I'm late to the party...dealing with stuff at work.  I'm going to respond without reading anyone elses messages so hopefully that doesn't open me up to any (more) ridicule.

1 - No, they cannot win the South.  Texas and OU are both Top 5 teams this year, OSU is probably Top 15.  I guess in theory they could beat UT at home but that's not how I'd pick it.  They're probably a 6-2 conference team.

9/5 - Georgia - W
9/12 - Houston - W
9/19 - Rice - W
9/26 - Grambling State - W
10/10 - at Texas A&M - W
10/17 - Missouri - W
10/24 - at Baylor - W
10/31 - Texas - L
11/7 - at Iowa State - W
11/14 - Texas Tech - W
11/19 - Colorado - W
11/28 - at Oklahoma - L
10-2, probably looking at the Cotton Bowl.

3 - No, Congress should step the F out of this and let college football govern itself.  The NCAA and BCS, while cooperative, are independent groups with different goals.  When public opinion forces a change, there will be change.  As long as the TV ratings are high and attendance is high, there's not need for a change.  I would personally rather see a playoffs than our current system, but our current system still kicks ass to the point that I look forward to college football season more than any other season so let's not get people that have NO IDEA what they're doing involved.
4 - 0.0 seconds.  I could not have cared less.  I'm not glad he died by any means, but for crying out loud....

ZouDave: So really it seems like the only game people don't agree on is the OSU vs Georgia game.  Should we consider that consensus some kind of a sign?  How have our general consensus picks gone in the past?
I'd love to compare our records against Phil Steele, et al.  The mystique that they carry with fans is hilarious, to the point where fans will just fabricate statistics about the accuracy of the picks of whomever has picked them to do well.  I honestly think that our hivemind would be far better.  Hell, I know in the last 2 years I've personally whooped Phil Steele's ass on predicting the Big XII.

ghtd36: Before we begin, I must direct all of your attentions to the greatest song of the past 60 years.

This must find a place on RMN. Five different nachos!

1 - No, they can't. I get the hype, and yet I don't get the hype. I like Zac Robinson, and Dez Bryant is a manchild, and their running game is solid...but they're the third best team in that division at best. I do not think highly of Mike Gundy, and that defense remains a point of "ehhhh" for me.

2 - Sure wins against Houston, Rice, Grambling State, @ A&M, @ Iowa State and Colorado. Sure losses to Georgia, Texas and @ Oklahoma. Toss-ups are Missouri, @Baylor and Tech. So, as good as 9-3, as bad as 6-6, so let's go with 8-4. Sorry, I'm just not buying the hype, especially with Gundy at the helm.

3- None. And it's starting to get very bothersome that the government feels like it has a place in sports. Dear Congressman/Congresswoman That Represents Me: Knock it off. Kisses, ghtd36.

4 - Be honest: how much of the Michael Jackson funeral did you watch?

Exactly zero minutes. As I Tweeted last night: "Now that the publicity stunt, "look at me" spectacle of a funeral is over, can we stop pretending Michael Jackson was a saint?" I mean, c'mon, the dude probably fondled eight-year-olds.

Eight-year-olds, dude.

ZouDave: I made it 1:18 into that song and couldn't take it anymore. Make it stop.

Michael Atchison: "You know how you could become more well-read on the topic of Mizzou's 2009 opponents?  Read Rock M Nation.  Ahem.  Just saying."

It has been more than twenty years since I took calculus, so I have a hard time following.