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Mizzou Links, 8-13-09

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Mizzou Practice Links!

  • Dave Matter: Wednesday Practice Report
    Pinkel said jobs are set at punter (Jake Harry IV) long snapper (Beau Brinkley), holder (Brandon Gerau) and kickoff specialist (Tanner Mills). "Mills is doing exceptionally well, probably as good as we’ve ever had," Pinkel said. But he hasn’t nailed down the kicking job for PAT/field goals. "That battle might go down to the last scrimmage. I’m not sure," Pinkel said. … Same for the return duties. "We have some good athletes, but we’re trying to really narrow that down," Pinkel said. "We look at that every single day as we do everything. But I can’t really tell you who’s going to be the guy at either one of those. Punt" return "is probably always the biggest concern because in order to be at that position, you’ve got to catch the football. That’s the most important thing. Who’s the guy who can catch the best and do something with it afterwards."
  • PowerMizzou: Wednesday Practice Report
    One thing we've known Will Ebner can do is hit. He showed it today, once against a receiver and once against a defensive teammate. First, Woodland went high for a ball and tipped it. Ebner and Simmons collided where the receiver would have come down. Simmons got the worst of the collision. Later, it was Woodland who felt the wrath of Ebner. The linebacker sniffed out a reverse nicely, stretched Woodland almost all the way to the sideline and absolutely lowered the boom.
  • Training Camp Practice Report
    Practice closed with the #1 offense and #1 defense going at it near midfield, and the defense had the edge early on, as Ricks stopped an attempted end around for no gain, and DB Kevin Rutland stopped a screen pass to Washington for no gain, before it held Gabbert to little gain on a keeper. But Gabbert and his offense rallied from a 5-2 deficit in the drill to win four straight plays and claim a 6-5 win for the offense, which broke a tie in the overall standings for the day, giving the offense a win. The rally started when Gabbert hit Alexander for 10 yards, and continued on the next play with a completion to Perry for a gain of 15 yards on the left side. Gabbert took it himself on a keeper that went for 5-6 yards to tie the score, and he completed the comeback when he found Kemp for a gain of around 10 yards, with Kemp securing the ball by making a nice sliding catch for the win…
  • PowerMizzou: August 12 Practice Photos

Gary Pinkel, Aug. 12 from Dave Matter on Vimeo.

Other videos: PowerMizzou's ($) PMTV: Wednesday Practice Highlights and The Trib's Behind the Stripes Web Cast.

Other Mizzou Football Links!

  • Dave Matter: Answering the Twitter Mailbox
  • The Trib: Kevin Rutland makes belated push at cornerback
  • The Missourian: Two offensive line coaches bring more focus to Missouri football
  • KC Star: Missouri makes up for Washington goof ("On Wednesday afternoon, after talking to the Doak Walker people, Moller said Washington’s nomination is now in the works and Washington should be on the next watch list.")
  • ranking every FBS team from 1 to 120
  • 2009-10 Bowl Predictions
  • Mizzourah: NFL Tiger updates (updates on Jeremy Maclin and Ziggy Hood)
  • This is just rude.

So here's your question for the day: right now, without knowing anything about how the season will actually play out, you can accept an Insight Bowl bid against Michigan.  Do you accept it?  Or do you take your chances with the season and hope for something better?

And I've got to ask...since when do the Bengals play man's football?

Big 12 Links!

Other Mizzou Links!

  • Missouri & Texas A&M PIcked to win 2009 Big 12 soccer title
  • Mizzou Baseball Recruiting: Looking Back a Year
  • The Trib: Christian Cantwell is ready to take on the world is it that Alysha Bonnick can be on the (relatively small) watch list for the soccer Heisman, and yet she's not on the All-Big 12 first team?  I guess it's actually rather impressive that she's not on the first team, and yet Mizzou STILL has a forward, midfielder, and defender on the team.


Finally, I'm not going to lie--this is pretty awesome.  I wish I could see the same stadium progression for Faurot Field.  COME TO PENN SCHTATE!!!