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Iowa State: 2009 Projections

Eleven opponents down (well, technically ten...sorry, Furman), one to go. Iowa State Week wraps up once again with a look at their projected record and a request for feedback.

An Iowa State player who almost won the Heisman? Yeah, that's how good Troy Davis really was. Holy crap, was he good.

Before we get to the BTBS projections, here's Iowa State Week in review:

2009 BTBS Projections

Date Opponent Proj. W/L Margin Record Conf. Rec.
9/3 North Dakota State W +20.4 1-0
9/12 Iowa L -12.8 1-1
9/19 at Kent State W +5.9 2-1
9/26 Army W +16.2 3-1
10/3 vs Kansas State L -7.1 3-2 0-1
10/10 at Kansas L -20.5 3-3 0-2
10/17 Baylor L -1.2 3-4 0-3
10/24 at Nebraska L -16.1 3-5 0-4
10/31 at Texas A&M L -13.0 3-6 0-5
11/7 Oklahoma State L -12.0 3-7 0-6
11/14 Colorado W +1.8 4-7 1-6
11/21 at Missouri L -14.6 4-8 1-7

Despite a projected loss to Iowa, I think most Iowa State fans would be secretly satisfied with a two-game improvement to 4-8, yes? This schedule is relatively rigid, meaning only three games are projected within a touchdown (four if you include K-State at 7.1 points). If they're a touchdown better than expected, they could slip into a 5-7 or 6-6 record. A touchdown worse, and you're looking at 2-10. Either way, it doesn't appear that the BTBS projections think any higher of Iowa State than anyone else, but still...there are worse things in the world than a two-game improvement and the end to a long road losing streak, right?

Starting Monday: Hate Kansas Week!