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Kansas: 2009 Projections

Let's just stop there.  No need to unveil the projections.  Nope, none whatsoever.  No need to ruin this good will. And remember yesterday's roundtable?  That sure was fun, wasn't it?

Okay, fine.  Projections.  But please don't hate me.  (Actually, this should be absolute proof that the numbers I'm working with have none of my own biases in them whatsoever.  So I've got THAT going for me...which is nice.)

Before we get to the BTBS projections, here's Kansas Week in review:

2009 BTBS Projections

Date Opponent Proj. W/L Margin Record Conf. Rec.
9/5 Northern Colorado W +45.8 1-0
9/12 at UTEP W +13.3 2-0
9/19 Duke W +29.8 3-0
9/26 Southern Miss W +12.7 4-0
10/10 Iowa State W +20.5 5-0 1-0
10/17 at Colorado W +10.2 6-0 2-0
10/24 Oklahoma L -5.2 6-1 2-1
10/31 at Texas Tech L -0.5 6-2 2-2
11/7 at Kansas State W +5.4 7-2 3-2
11/14 Nebraska W +8.3 8-2 4-2
11/21 at Texas L -15.5 8-3 4-3
11/28 vs Missouri W +5.8 9-3 5-3

Sigh.  I know.  The numbers have KU winning the North.  We must all live with it.

Actually, one interesting aspect of all this is that four of KU's final six games are projected closer than a touchdown.  If they're worse than expected, if their troubles in the trenches really are costly, then they'll lose to K-State and Missouri (but not NU!) and fall to the 6-6 or 7-5 range.  If everything gels and they're better than expected, then OU and Tech are both within range.  We'll hope for the former, not the latter.

Starting Monday: Big 12 Wrap-up Week!