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Mizzou Links, 8-21-09

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Mizzou Scrimmage Reports!

Other videos: PMTV Scrimmage Highlights, PMTV Tigers analyze scrimmage

Other Mizzou Football Links!

SBN Big 12 Preview!

Other Big 12 (and Mizzou opponent) Links!

Also: I don't ask for much in this world, but...Worldwide Leader, can you please stop putting Andre Ware on television?

Other Mizzou Links!

  • The Missourian: JT Tiller named to Wooden Award list (this makes me very happy)
  • Speaking some [Kim] English
  • Phil Pressey interview
  • KC Star: Former Mizzou golfer recounting life off the beaten path

To Mizzourah, I say let's indeed hug it out. Speaking of...

And my...god...