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Mizzou Links, 8-25-09

No practice reports life is empty.

Mizzou Football Links!

  • KC Star: Sean Weatherspoon knows he can't stand alone
    [A]s much of a force as Weatherspoon has become at linebacker for Mizzou, he is the first to point out that no linebacker can stand alone.

    “Defense is all about team,” Weatherspoon said.

    Especially on a team that appears ready and able to depend on six linebackers — a full two deep at every position — to lead a defensive resurgence in Columbia.

    “Spoon is a great player, a great playmaker,” said reserve backer Will Ebner, a sophomore who may be the hardest hitter at the position for MU. “But on every play he’s got his gap, and I’ve got my gap. It’s all assignment football.

  • KC Star: DC's newest QB star: Chase Daniel in mix for roster spot
    The undrafted ex-Heisman Trophy contender from Missouri entered training camp with long odds to make the Redskins roster. But coach Jim Zorn declared Monday that Daniel was now on solid footing in a battle for the third-string job.

    "The competition right now is for the No. 3 spot," Zorn said. "And Chase is making a statement about that."

    The new player on the bubble is second-year quarterback Colt Brennan, who was expected to challenge veteran Todd Collins for the No. 2 spot. Brennan was the star of last year's preseason, but he's already thrown two interceptions this August.

  • The Trib: A more grounded approach
  • CBS Sports: Top 10 Senior Prospects: Big 12
  • PowerMizzou: 2010 Offensive Hot Board
  • The Maneater: Tiger football adapts for new season
  • The Maneater: Gabbert next in line to lead MU offense
  • The Maneater: Missouri football prepares for fall

Big 12 Links!

So you thought Nebraska was going to win the North until their backup running back was kicked off the team, and now they're not?  Really?  As I said in another thread, Castille's departure just really isn't that big a deal.  He was second-string, meaning he was technically better than the third-stringer, and therefore there's at least a little bit of drop-off, but...again, dude was the backup running back.  He looked great against Clemson in the bowl, but the game before that, he had 12 carries for 12 yards against Colorado.  He had 11 carries for 100 yards against Kansas and Kansas State...and 14 carries for 36 yards against Baylor and Oklahoma.  He had 11 carries for 70 yards against Iowa State...and 15 carries for 36 yards against Missouri and Texas Tech.  He was inconsistent, and for a big back, he didn't run with that much power.  Stick to your guns, Griffin.  If you thought NU was going to win before, that shouldn't change now.

Other Mizzou Links!

  • The Maneater: Tigers Volleyball features new talent
  • The Maneater: Tigers Soccer faces high expectations for a new season

Other Links, period

  • Maize 'n Brew: SPOILER ALERT: Florida to edge ND by 168 points in BCS Title Game

Just about the perfect Lou Holtz post.  I have nothing to add, other than yet another restatement that I feel embarrassed watching him on television, and I wish he would go away.

And finally...for no particular reason...Rolandis Woodland dances...