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Mizzou Links, 8-26-09

Practice Reports!!

  • The Trib: Tuesday Practice Report
    Jared Perry's work with the No. 2 offense was short-lived. Pinkel confirmed that the senior receiver is back as the starter at the X-receiver position. Pinkel was asked if Perry is back in the coach's good graces.

    "He just earned his job back," Pinkel said. "He's always in good graces; I love the kid. But you've got to play well and be consistent. I think we're catching the ball a little more consistent, but not as consistent as we need to be."

  • PowerMizzou: Back to Practice
    T.J. Moe worked an awful lot with the punt returners. I still don't see how Moe can be ready for Illinois, but I do think he'll play this season.
  • Mizzou Returns to Practice Field
    The Tiger tailbacks had some nice runs as well, with Derrick Washington picking up several first downs, including a sweep right that he took home for a four-yard touchdown to cap a redzone series against the number two defense. De’Vion Moore was also seen breaking off some tough runs, as he had several carries that went for between 8-12 yards each. Freshman TB Kendial Lawrence had a big run late in the scrimmaging against the number two defense, going for about 20 yards before junior S Jarrell Harrison came up to lay the hit of the practice on him. Lawrence was knocked backward with the big shot, but he secured the ball the whole time.
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Hoch Could Return for MU by Weekend
  • PowerMizzou: Camp Breakdown

Another quick word about PowerMizzou: they rolled out a new recruiting database yesterday, and it. is. awesome.

Other Mizzou Football Links!

  • PowerMizzou: 2010 Defensive Recruiting Hot Board
  • PowerMizzou: Four-star ATH has Tigers in top three
  • The Trib: Rock Bridge's Trey Millard gives OU his word
  • Dave Matter: Answering the BTS Mailbox

    Q: What unit currently concerns you the most headed into the last 10 days before Illinois? Based on your updates, Moe’s been working on punt returns a little. I get the sense Pinkel really wants him to play this year if healthy don’t you? — Darren

    A: I don’t get concerned about any of Missouri’s units. But if I were a Missouri fan, I’d be concerned whether the secondary can cover the receivers it’s going to face each week. And, yes, I get that sense from Pinkel about Moe. At this point, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t play this season.

Also: go to the ESPN Elite 11 official site and watch the Las Vegas Webisode to catch some quick glimpses of Mizzou commit James Franklin, who is apparently a Tommy Saunders-esque workout warrior.  Love what I'm seeing out of this guy, whether he makes the final Elite 11 list or not.

Big 12 Links!

And technically this is a Big 12 link too: two Big 12 schools make the America's 25 Douchiest Colleges list.  I won't spoil the surprise, but it isn't Mizzou, and it isn't Kansas or Nebraska.

Okay, this is too weird not to share.  My FO writing gets major props...from a dude writing for  No idea whether to be flattered or horrified.

And finally...for the Wilco fans out there, I just had to share...