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Mizzou Links, 8-27-09

Practice Reports!

  • PowerMizzou: Practice Report: One to go
    Play of the Day: During 7-on-7, Blaine Gabbert dropped back to throw. He rifled a pass down the middle that, from our vantage point, must have been intended for Kenji Jackson. As Jackson leapt to make the play, Danario Alexander flew in from the left, shielding a cornerback off his right hip and making a great grab between double coverage. Jaws dropped from people watching the throw and the catch.
  • Campus Corner (KC Star): Moe Ready for the Show in MU
  • Final Scrimmage Set for Thursday

Behind the Stripes webcast!  Nice preseason beard, Dave.

More video: PowerMizzou has a really interesting look at Mizzou's new-look offense and how much different it would look if Blaine Gabbert, Dan Hoch, and Wes Kemp hadn't decommitted from other schools to join Mizzou.

Other Mizzou Football Links!

  • KC Star: Missouri's roster shaping up for season opener
  • The Missourian: Dan Hoch working back to MU starting lineup after injury
  • The Missourian: Despite adversity, Gachkar moves to top of depth chart

    Teammate and linebacker Luke Lambert said he sees more intensity from Gachkar since he came back. He watched as Gachkar worked his way back, always wanting to do more work in the weight room than his condition would allow.

    "I just told him, ‘Hey something happened to you that you can’t control. Get completely healthy before you start doing anything because that’s one of the main keys,’" Lambert said.

    Lambert said Gachkar built up an extra intensity as he worked his way back. Now, he can use that energy on the field.

    "He kind of got that injury-type attitude," Lambert said. "Hey, I want to get on the field, I want to get on the field. And that just kind of gets you anxious, gets you anxious. And then finally he’s been able to use all that as motivation for the last year, year and a half."

  • The Missourian: Andrew Jones hooks teammates on favorite activity
  • The Trib: Fast company at linebacker
  • PowerMizzou: Freshman Q&A: Andrew Wilson
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Missouri expects to take a run at more victories
  • Sean Weatherspoon's Hidden Talent

Big 12 (and Mizzou Opponent) Links!

Other Mizzou Links!


Finally, this has nothing to do with Mizzou, but Jay Bilas actually came through with a very well-reasoned argument about Memphis' punishment and the fact that the NCAA needs to "get out of the eligibility and enforcement business."

Also nothing to do with Mizzou, but I almost spit water all over my computer after seeing this...