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Mizzou Links, 8-3-09

Mizzou football links!

  • PowerMizzou (free): Five battles to watch in fall camp
  • KC Star: Chase Daniel adjusting to a new role
    Daniel made some nice throws early in Saturday’s practice, but coach Jim Zorn was almost always there to offer some sort of critique afterward. Daniel also has to battle his height — he’s only 6 feet tall. At one point, he walked over to speak to former Washington quarterback Joe Theismann, who is the same height.

    "He was saying, ‘Us short guys, we can make it. We’ve just got to try harder. We’ve got to find lanes to throw to,’ " Daniel said. "He did it. I feel like I can do it."
  • PowerMizzou: Most Valuable Tiger #1 (yeah, it's who you think it is)
  • KC Star's Campus Corner: Are Misery's Tigers a Thing of the Past?
  • PowerMizzou (message boards): somebody noticed that, thanks to some cramming in of the seats in the student section, Faurot Field now has a capacity of 71,004.
  • The Trib: Does Jim Johnson belong in the Mizzou Hall of Fame for his post-Mizzou accomplishments?  (I say hell yes.)

Mizzou basketball links!

  • The Missourian: Ricky Kreklow makes commitment to hometown Tigers
  • KC Star: 'Diehard Tiger fan' says yes to MU hoops
    L.J. Goolsby, his AAU coach at KC Pump ‘N’ Run, said it was a case of a longtime Mizzou fan staying home rather than take offer from Virginia or Stanford to leave Columbia.

    "It’s big," Goolsby said. "Ricky’s a diehard Tiger fan.
  • J.Y.D. returns to Mizzou

Big 12 Links!

With two weeks to the signing deadline, Trrip at finds some updates with Mizzou's picks.

Finally, if you're so inclined, it looks like Mizzou, or at least Mizzou's poster, needs a bit of help at Wiz of Odds...and while you're there, there's also a nice post about Lee Corso's comeback from a stroke...

Oh yeah, and just because...