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Kansas State Links

With these opponent links posts, I usually follow the same flow for most teams: 2008 recap, 2009 preview, spring recap, other.  Works pretty well.  At least, it works pretty well when your team doesn't hire a new (old) coach and find out that your craptastic former athletic director set up a secret arrangement with your craptastic former coach to continue to funnel money to him.  That makes it a pretty unique offseason, no?  I'll do my best to continue the themed approach...

2008 Recap

2009 Preview

The Old Man

Seriously, Prince must have had some pretty incriminating pictures on somebody

  • Kansas State sues to not pay former coach Ron Prince $3.2M
  • Bring On the Cats: The Board of Regents Audit: It Could Have Been Worse
  • KC Star: Snyder angered about K-State audit report
  • Bring On the Cats: Jason Whitlock Thinks You Are Really Stupid
  • Bring On the Cats: K-State's Athletic Department Priorities
  • Kansas State suspends longtime administrators JIm Epps, Bob Cavello

Spring Recap

Et Cetera