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Mizzou Links, 8-4-09

Yeah, I have F*@%ING JURY DUTY today.  Bleh.  BLEH.

A couple of J-E-T-S links kick things off today.  First we've got Brad Smith working with a new assistant coach (whose name you may recognize) to become a better receiver...

For the better part of the spring and so far in training camp, he has been included in the three-wide receiver sets along with Jerricho Cotchery and Chansi Stuckey. With Laveranues Coles gone, the Jets are looking for answers at wide receiver. Rex Ryan didn't discount Smith sliding up the depth chart when he raved about him Saturday.

"This is a tough guy," Ryan said. "I don't know how many touchdowns he has scored in college as a quarterback, but I think it was over 100 that he was responsible for. This is a competitive guy. He is tough. He has great size and he can catch and do everything. I don't see why he cannot be an excellent receiver. He will be given every single chance to be that guy."

...then you've got Brock Christopher fighting for a job.  Literally.

So being that yesterday was Monday, we've got...CASE OF THE MONDAYS!!

Moe Options: Now that Sheldon Richardson is spending his August in Visalia, Calif., the most intriguing incoming freshman might be O’Fallon’s T.J. Moe, who was originally projected as safety but enters camp as a wide receiver. By all accounts, the former prep quarterback is a player that needs the ball in his hands. Can he crack the WR rotation immediately? What about a formation or two with Moe lined up behind center? The possibilities are tantalizing.

And speaking of weekly features, Like Father, Unlike Son is back as well!  The season is just around the corner!!

To recruiting, where's preseason Missouri Top 30 has been released.  A relatively deep MO class this year (seven 4-star guys, another 13 3-stars) considering that Mizzou really hasn't offered just a ton of in-state guys.  They're in good shape with #'s 1-3, and it wouldn't surprise me if Don Shumpert or Josh Mattes eventually got offers as well.  Don't know if we're too late jumping in on Shumpert, but I figure we could have Mattes if we wanted.

Meanwhile, on the basketball side of the equation, 4-star TX guard Rickey Scott likes Mizzou and will visit.  It doesn't look like Keith Dewitt has or will qualify, which means Mizzou will probably have four scholarships to give--assume they'll take three guards (Ricky Kreklow, a point, a 2) and a big man.  Scott and Mardracus Wade appear to be the top guys for the 2-guard spot, while Phil Pressey is clearly the top guy at point.  Not sure who the favored big is at this point.

And speaking of basketball...don't you think "Mizzou, Norm Stewart part company" is a bit of a harsh headline?

Border War Skirmish Slapfight tickets go on sale Friday!

Oh, and Mizzou fans?  Don't even get your hopes up about Blaine Gabbert.  His ego will crush the whole team, and Gary Pinkel's too weak to deal with it.  BG's easily as bad as Rhett Bomar and Sam Keller.  So says a guy who has probably spent about five minutes around him.

The Post-Dispatch discusses what should be one of the bigger pre-season issues of the day: the fact that the coaches' poll actually has any power whatsoever.  They don't take it seriously, and they can sway the rankings to help themselves.  But it's the computers that everybody always complains about...makes total sense.

An era ends...

Finally, you owe it to yourself to peruse a pair of great Andy Staples (SI) columns about a) the best recent names in football recruiting (god bless Iris Macadangdang), and b) the best high school nicknames (I've always actually been partial to the Elk City Elks.  Simple, straight-forward.).