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Mizzou Links, 9-1-09...IT'S SEPTEMBER!!!

Illinois Links!

  • Dave Matter: Pinkel talks injuries, Illini, Arch Rivalry series
  • Dave Matter: Tigers meet the Press
    Later this week I'll have more on Missouri's cornerbacks and their monumental task this Saturday, but I heard from more than one person on Monday who believed corner Carl Gettis was just too heavy last season. I'm not sure if it was because coaches were grooming Gettis to replace William Moore in the hybrid linebacker/safety/nickelback role or he was just out of shape, but Gettis tipped the scales in the 210-pound range last season. Now down in the 195 neighborhood, Gettis is playing more like the corner who earned freshman All-American honors in 2007, his teammates and coaches told me on Monday.
  • Chicago Tribune: Illinois has score to settle with Missouri
  • The Rivalry, Esq.: 2009 Closing Argument - Illinois Fighting Illini (shocker: all three writers think UI beats MU)
  • Alton Telegraph: All Juiced Up
  • Beacon News: High-stakes opener for Illinois

Other Mizzou Football Links!

Big 12 Links!

  • The Trib: Big 12 Football Notebook

    As for the Cowboys, ballyhooed for their cast of offensive stars, they haven’t won a regular-season nonconference game against a ranked opponent since beating No. 25 Mississippi State in 1998. OSU Coach Mike Gundy said he’s never experienced as much preseason hype as the Cowboys have drawn this summer.

    "This is new for me," he said. "I do worry about it. I don’t know what we can do other than practice hard and stay together as a staff."

  • Oklahoma's D ready to step up
  • (Tim Griffin): Longevity ratings rank how long coaches will be in their job
  • Dallas Morning News: Cotton Bowl to be played in prime time and later in January in 2011

Other Mizzou Links!

  • The Trib: DePaul takes the fight to Mizzou Soccer
  • The Missourian: Sisters add to family mentality on MU soccer team
  • The Maneater: Askren wastes no time in latest MMA fight


  • The National Championship Issue: How the BCS Will Die
    It's worth mentioning that there's no guarantee that the BCS will die. It's just as likely to keep chugging along. Anytime the system works by matching up two teams that stand head & shoulders above the rest, the BCS will grow stronger. But even when this doesn't happen, it can remain strong by avoiding situations that are too unfair for the interested parties to accept. Situations such as an undefeated, non-BCS team being passed over for the title game by a one-loss BCS team are harmful, sure, but they're not the tipping point. The crossroads will come when a team from a "weak" BCS conference goes undefeated. In this situation, one of two things will happen, both negative for the BCS: either A) that undefeated BCS team will be passed over for the title game by a one-loss team from a strong BCS conference, or B) that undefeated team will still make it to the title game, throwing back the curtain once and for all on the system-wide bias against the non-BCS teams.
  • NY Times: Success of Spread Forces Fundamental Changes on Defense
  • Joe Posnanski: Talking about baseball and watching game, with Bill James

Finally, I didn't know where to put this one, but...the Stewart family has released a statement regarding the death of Norm Stewart's granddaughter, Jennifer.  My great-grandfather outlived both some of his children and grandchildren, and each one just wrecked him.  It's not supposed to work that way--they're supposed to outlive you--and I send serious condolences to the Stewarts.  I hope they find the solace they are looking for at this time.