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Mizzou Links, 9-10-09

I appreciate our overlords unveiling the new for my birthday and all...that was very sweet of them...

Bowling Green links!

  • Dave Matter: Behind the Numbers: MU vs Bowling Green

    Missouri had mixed results pressuring Juice Williams last week, though considering they rarely blitzed, nose tackle Jaron Baston was satisfied with the heat from his front four.

    "Would we have liked to have a few more sacks and hit him a few more times? Yeah, but Juice Williams is Juice Williams," Baston said. "He’s a great athlete. And I think when we play a few more pocket quarterbacks, a few more quarterbacks who sit there, we’ll get those big sack games."

    Tyler Sheehan's favorite target is Freddie Barnes, the reigning MAC offensive player of the week who set school records with 15 catches for 157 yards and two touchdowns against Troy last week.

  • Mizzourah: Know Your Role: Bowling Green
  • PowerMizzou: Powered Up: Just wait and see

Other Mizzou Football links!

  • The Trib: A breakthrough redo for Danario Alexander
  • Post-Dispatch: Key to Mizzou defense? Keep it fresh
  • PowerMizzou: Turning up the heat
  • PowerMizzou: Kony Ealy takes in Tigers' win
    "It was real fun," Aldon Smith said. "It relieved a lot of pressure that I had."

    From the looks of things, the pressure will be on opposing quarterbacks from now on.

    "He's that type of player. I've been seeing it in practice, but once you get in a game you really get an opportunity to see what he can do," Weatherspoon said. "He has the longest arms on the football team. Sometimes you think a guy might outrun him, but he gets those arms on him."

    "He did it in the spring, he did it during two-a-days and he did it all last week during practice," added Coulter. "It really wasn't no surprise to us. We were just happy to see him out there being comfortable and confident in what he was doing."
  • The Missourian: Missouri wide receivers describe first collegiate touchdowns

    "As soon as we hiked the ball I saw everything open up like the Red Sea," Jackson said. "Me and this defender was one on one."

    Jackson came open in the back of the end zone and Gabbert found him for the easy score. But despite his dress rehearsals on the practice field with Kemp, everything moves a bit faster under the noise of 64,000 people.

    "I didn't (have time)!" Jackson said regarding his lack of celebration. "When I caught the ball I was like, 'Did I just score this touchdown?' I didn't know how to react."

  • Post-Dispatch: Illinois Fighting Illini are taking hits -- off the playing field
  • Dr. Saturday: Zook doesn't need Dick Butkus to tell him Illinois is against a wall
  • We Are Mizzou: Guess Who: Mizzou Student-Athletes When They Were Young
Guess who!

Big 12 links!

Other Mizzou links!


  • EDSBS: Smart Football on What Makes an Offense Terrible