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Homerism (plural Homerisms) (colloquial) -- The tendency of sports fans to advocate for their home teams to an unreasonable or irrational degree.




After weeks of devouring everything that is Missouri Tigers football and clicking on RMN about seventeen times a day - the question has emerged for me:  What is your level of homerism?

Follow the jump and finish reading the post before voting in the poll.

At the very dregs of the Rock M Nation Roll Call, a one Mitch Cumstein recounts of his Missouri homerism,

I love the Royals and Chiefs and whoever is playing kU, but I’m a Mizzou fan No. 1 … by far. I like Ball State, but that’s just because of my old boss (and they are of no threat to Mizzou). I literally root for all the Big 12 to lose every game — and certain out of conference rivals as well like Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, etc — because I don’t want another team’s success to affect Mizzou’s recruiting. I’m a hater I know. But I don’t really see how another team being good helps Mizzou in any way.

If I didn't know better, I would think Mitch is actually my husband.  And that full throated love of Missouri is freaking awesome!

Digging deeper into the Roll Call, you can see that there are loyalties to many teams outside of the Missouri Tigers (myself included) which is just fine.  But how far does that loyalty go?  One RMN commenter has posted of his visit to the Horseshoe with his bride this weekend.   What happens if MU plays the Buckeyes at some point - where does his loyalty lie?

And what about Kansas?  Do you spend money there?  Live there?  Would you date/marry a Kansan?  What if he/she were not a fan of the Beakers and pledged allegiance to the Tigers?  Missouri Grad seems content to look at "hot" girls even if they are Beaker cheergirls.

But what about you?

What is your level of homerism?



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