Ask a Marching Mizzou alum!

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Hey everyone, I'm new here. As you may have guessed I came over from the great Royals SBNation blog, Royals Review. Once again I am impressed by the quality of content and discourse on an SBN blog. Great job guys, I'm going to have lots of fun here.

Anyway, like the title says, I spent five years as a trombonist for the Big M of the Midwest, Marching Mizzou. If any of you happen to remember the guy that came out to the 50 yard line and ripped a solo during halftime of last year's kU game at Arrowhead, that was me. Marching Mizzou has given me tons of amazing stories and experiences and some of the best friends (and girlfriend) that I've ever had. I was also in Mini Mizzou for the past 4 years, so I've gotten to watch the basketball team grow up as well as traveling around with them. I've met many of the players from last year's squad, and they are awesome guys. I've spoken with Mike Alden on many occasions, and he deserves all the credit in the world for how this university's teams have turned around since he was hired.

So I thought it would be fun for everyone if I answered any questions you guys ever had about the band. Ever wonder why we play something, or what it is exactly we're doing on the field during halftime, or how much work it takes to put on that show every Saturday? Ask! And anyone else on here that was in band or a cheerleader or Truman should answer, too.

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