And now a word about parking...

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If you haven't noticed (and you must have been under a rock to not), the parking at Football games has once again changed.  As reported, the Reactor Field is no longer public.  According to the MU TSF Parking Diagram, it is the current staff and media parking lot (that's a lot of media). The old lot for media and staff is now Y permit (that's across from the art building). Paying areas are Maryland and Parking Structure #7 (which will be refereed to as James) are $15 a pop. Additional to Maryland and James, the lot for the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center (behind Blood Center) is $15. This is a wonderful lot, and not because I work there.  The VA parking lot is described as "Family Friendly."  Not sure what this means, but don't bring lots of beer here.  They may bust you.

There do not appear to be any other changes to the lots that I can tell.  Nothing is posted about Turner, University, or Hitt St PS.  Also, if you don't mind the walk, parking around the Vet School is normally open.  Take Ashland Rd.  I parked there last year without problem.  About the same walk from Hitt or University PS.

Also, new signs have been posted on Providence both north and south bound as "No Parking, Tow Away."  Don't tempt them.  I don't recall anything south of the light by Hinkson, so you maybe able to park up the hill.  It appears that parking along Stadium is still allowed (saw cars there this morning), at least west of Providence.  There are No Parking signs (old) on Stadium east of Providence. 

Remember, only you can save the environment and car pool. 



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