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Pre-Tailgate Links

Lots of good links from yesterday, figured I could throw together a links post to check out before all leave for our respective tailgates and various good times and revelry (and attending a certain open hoops practice)...

If You Missed it Yesterday on the Craziest Front Page Friday Ever...

Bowling Green Links!

And from


Other Mizzou Football Links!

  • The Trib: New dime package designed to deliver lethal sting
  • PowerMizzou: [4-star Mizzou target Curtis] Carter focused on senior season

Big 12 (and Other Opponents) Links!

UPDATE, 8:52am - a couple more links!  The Boulder Daily Camera asks the Colorado AD if he's ready to fire Dan Hawkins (answer: no), The Trib revisits previous Mizzou-BGSU debacles, and here are the games available today on the lovely

  • Central Michigan at Michigan (11am)
  • Fresno State at Wisconsin (11am)
  • BYU at Tulane (2:30)
  • UCLA at Tennessee (2:30)
  • South Carolina at Georgia (6pm)
  • USC at Ohio State (7pm)