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Sunday Wrap-Up Links

First things first: even if you don't read the entire comments thread from last night's game, you must read this comment.  Yes.  Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Bowling Green recaps

  • Tigers Roar Back to Beat Bowling Green, 27-20
  • The Trib: Tigers storm back, clip Falcons
  • KC Star: Missouri rallies to beat Bowling Green 27-20
  • The Missourian: Tigers need late push to edge Bowling Green, 27-20
  • The Maneater: Missouri comes back to sink Bowling Green
  • Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune: No. 25 Missouri rallies past Falcons
    "They really stepped up in the second half, compared to the first. They got a little bit more physical it seemed," BG defensive end Angelo Magnone said about Missouri’s offensive line. "We kind of got away from our game plan. We missed some assignments on the line and gave away some big plays."
    Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert was very effective in the second half. He completed 9-of-10 passes when Missouri went from down 20-6 with 4:50 left in the third quarter until the Tigers went up 27-20 with 5:38 left in the fourth quarter.

    "We had to get our offense on a roll in the second half because we didn’t execute in the first half. We had to open up some running lanes. And Derrick and Kendial ran extremely hard and that opened up the passing game in the second half," Gabbert said.
  • PowerMizzou: Tigers survive
  • PowerMizzou: PMTV: Tigers beat BGSU
  • PowerMizzou: Instant Analysis
  • PowerMizzou: Sunday Grade Card

The Comeback and the Exhalation

  • The Missourian: Missouri football wideouts make adjustments in time for comeback
  • The Trib: Fortunate is the team that learns without losing

    Ultimately, though, what last night’s game really showed is the folly of drawing broad conclusions about the state of a program from one football game — good or bad. After the supposedly rebuilding Tigers dominated Illinois in the season opener, they vaulted into The Associated Press Top 25. After his first start, Blaine Gabbert was named the Big 12 offensive player of the week and was hailed as a future first-round draft pick. I was as guilty as anyone else of gulping the black-and-gold Kool-Aid as if I were one of those college students who used to party at Reactor Field before people like me started parking there.

    In St. Louis, Pinkel said he was going to work the Tigers harder than they had ever been worked in practice to convince them that they weren’t as wonderful as advertised. The message didn’t stick. For one half, MU looked like a team that believed every bit of the hyperbole heaped upon it, and nowhere was the hype more misplaced than on Gabbert, who saved his first-game jitters for Week 2.

  • The Trib: Shaken ... then stirred
  • The Trib: Tigers not who we thought they were, but good enough
  • Post-Dispatch: Mizzou storms back
  • The Maneater: Missouri defense clears path for comeback
  • PowerMizzou: PMTV: Locker Room Talk

Thank God for the Running Game

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