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Mizzou Links, 9-16-09

From The Greenville News' George Gardner

Furman Links!

Other Mizzou Football Links!

FYI: The Trib has created a new website called Tiger Extra for a nice amalgamation of all of it's Mizzou-related links, from the paper, Dave Matter's blog, webcasts, etc.

  • Dave Matter: Tuesdays with ... Spoon

    BTS: It looks like you're still content just rushing with the front four and playing coverage with everyone else, right?

    Weatherspoon: We didn’t throw too much at them. We had a few opportunities. I should have got one sack. I came one time (on a blitz) and just came a little too wide and the guy saw me. You know, I think we’ll get better at that and we’ll keep working on that in practice. I’m pretty sure Coach Stec one day’s going to be like, 'Forget it. we’re going after them,' and we'll just start going after them and calling blitz after blitz. We’ll see how it goes.

  • KC Star: You might be a Mizzou defensive end ... if your name is Smith

    Justin Smith — now a Cincinnati Bengal — was a monstrous presence at Mizzou during 1998-2000. He had a habit of brushing aside blockers with a swipe of one hand. Brian Smith was a blur during 2003-06. He’s already by you and chasing down your quarterback.

    Sophomore Jacquies (6 feet 4 and 250 pounds out of Dallas) and freshman Aldon (6-5 and 255 out of Raytown) do a little of both. They do it so well, they are tied for fourth on the team (Aldon with 11) and rank fifth (Jacquies with nine) in tackles through two games.

    Jacquies has 1 1/2 sacks, Aldon two, along with four tackles for loss.

    "They’ve both got great speed and great change of direction," Kuligowski said. "That’s a good place to start."

  • The Trib: Kendial Lawrence is something to hold onto
  • Post-Dispatch: Glass half full for Missouri Tigers?
  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday's Top Tigers
  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday Notebook: Special Teams Focus
  • PowerMizzou: Whispers
    Four-star prospect Rickey Scott and his family were extremely impressed with Missouri's coaching staff during their in-home visits. Now Missouri must convince Scott that he and recent point guard commitment Phil Pressey will be a good fit in the backcourt.
  • PowerMizzou: Number one (Gilmer, TX, home of three Tiger commits) survives scare
  • PowerMizzou: Tiger Tracker: 2010 Commitments
  • Campus Corner (KC Star): Burning questions: Gabbert Act II, K-State's bowl hopes and more

Grant Ressel isn't NEARLY high enough on the Tuesday's Top Tigers list.

Big 12 (and Mizzou opponent) Links!

Two thoughts here:

  1. I may have been extremely wrong about Oregon and (possibly) BYU, but I was very right about Colorado, and about Texas' potential offensive struggles this year.  It's two games in, so maybe this is a complete non-issue, but after their insanely high (and seemingly unsustainable) passing downs success in 2008, I mentioned that Texas might experience a situation where they were struggling a bit on offense and couldn't figure out why, and the reason would simply be that their Passing Downs numbers aren't nearly as good.  Well...whaddo you know...

  2. Speaking of only being two games in...I know I'm a huge stat nerd, and not everybody cares to dive into statistics as much as I do, but...really, Tim Griffin?  Writing a story about KU's "surprising" running game because they ran for a lot of yards against Northern Colorado and UTEP?  Really?  We couldn't, oh I dunno, wait until they played somebody with a pulse?  Really?  Or at least after they had played a couple more games?  We're just going to dive right into "KU's got a great running game!"?  I mean, who knows, maybe they do.  The rushing numbers bore out better than expected for them last year, and nobody even thought they were that good last year.  But how about we wait a bit longer, hmm?

Other Mizzou Links!

  • MU Basketball Basketball Black & Gold Game Announced
  • MU Soccer Dittamore wins Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week
  • MU Volleyball
    We Are Mizzou: Volleyball to Hold 'Dig for the Cure' vs Kansas
    The Missourian: Missouri volleyball fundraiser has special meaning for player