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Mizzou Links, 9-23-09

Nevada Links!

  • Dave Matter: Behind the Numbers: MU vs Nevada, Part I
    In 41 pass attempts, the Pack's failed to make an interception and logged just two sacks. In just two games, opposing quarterbacks have completed seven passes of 25 yards or more against Nevada. Nineteen of the 28 completions Nevada has given up have gone for first downs. Thirteen of the 28 (almost half) have gone for 15 yards or more. And on third down, opposing QBs have completed 11 of 13 passes for 142 yards and two TDs. That's a third-down efficiency rating of 227.1. Ouch. In the red zone, opposing quarterbacks have completed 4 of 4 passes for 29 yards, three going for first downs, the other a touchdown.
  • The Missourian: Nevada looking to stop turnovers in home opener against Missouri
  • Reno Gazette-Journal: Desire to make something happen costly for Kap
    Ault reiterated what he said last week, that Kaepernick played "pretty decently" in the 35-0 loss at Notre Dame to open the season. And there were things he liked about Kaepernick on Saturday, too.

    "Kap read the blitzes. There were 28 of them and he got it every time except one," Ault said. "That's very good. And I'm really pleased with the way he's delivering the ball.

    "Last weekend, physically he just didn't play well. It happens."
  • Reno Gazette-Journal: Letters: Pack's problems start at the top
  • Reno Gazette-Journal: Is Kaepernick regressing?
  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday Notebook: A Short Week

Other Mizzou Football Links!

  • The Trib: Beau Brinkley's rise to first string is a snap
  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday's Top Tigers
  • Post-Dispatch: Jared Perry's career is on an upswing for Missouri
  • PowerMizzou: 4-star Louisiana ATH Curtis Carter still wide open
    Nebraska was the first team to offer him and stay in constant contact with him, and for a long time, the Cornhuskers were his leaders.

    Now, he said, he doesn't want to name any leader, or rank his offers. That's because so many other schools, including Missouri, are developing close relationships with him.

    "Oh, heck yeah. We talk, me and Coach (Barry) Odom talk all the time," Carter said. "They're coming in really hard. I had made a list, with Nebraska at number one, but I was thinking about it, and now I don't want to say who's number one, or two or three, because everyone is coming on strong and showing a lot of attention.
  • PowerMizzou: Florida DE Mike Douglas picks up Mizzou offer
  • The Missourian: Wyoming's losses test former MU coordinator Christensen's patience

Very encouraging sign from Curtis Carter above.  Mizzou started behind and is catching up quickly.  Here's some YouTube action of Carter at Texas' Ultimate 100 Camp.  Not the most exciting video in the world, but one thing's for certain: dude's got speed, speed, speed.

Big 12 Links!

Other Mizzou Links!