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Week 4 BlogPoll Ballot

Again -- the ballot starts fresh every week, so the delta is not truly indicative of how a team performed in a given week. Trying to rank numbers four through 25 was a task in futility.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Florida 1
3 Texas
4 LSU 2
5 Boise State 2
6 Cincinnati 3
7 Virginia Tech 5
8 Oklahoma 3
9 TCU 8
10 Houston 10
11 Iowa
12 Ohio State 2
13 Miami (Florida) 5
14 Southern Cal 1
15 Penn State 11
16 Oklahoma State 1
17 Georgia 1
18 Michigan 5
19 California 14
20 Auburn 5
21 Missouri 2
22 Mississippi 12
23 Nebraska 1
24 Kansas 6
25 Georgia Tech
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Florida State (#21), Brigham Young (#22).
On the radar (in no order): South Florida, Pitt, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Arizona, Oregon


  • Alabama takes the top spot this week on the strength of its wins as compared to Florida and Texas. 'Bama thoroughly demolished a solid Arkansas team, and that win over Virginia Tech looms larger after the Hokies' destruction of Miami. 
  • Florida and Texas, don't be discouraged. Put wins against LSU and Oklahoma on the résumé and you're right in the conversation at No. 1.
  • No, I don't think LSU or Boise State is a top five team either. Come to think of it, is ANYONE a top five team outside of the top three?
  • Virginia Tech rises on the combined strength of its big win as well as the strength of its sole loss growing stronger each week.
  • Iowa flies onto my ballot. I'd kept Iowa off the ballot for probably a week too long as extended punishment for the Northern Iowa debacle, but that defense is incredibly legit and that win in Happy Valley can't be understated.
  • I didn't mean for Michigan to rise five spots after a home scare, but what you see is what you get, I guess.
  • The Big 12 North trifecta hangs in the bottom part of the ballot. That spot at No. 25 that went to Georgia Tech is a complete tossup.