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Mizzou Links, 9-30-09

Mizzou Football Links!

Why is the GIlmer thing Mizzou news?  Because Mizzou has commits from approximately the entire Gilmer team...okay, from three guys.  And while I think Tristan Holt was recruited as a defensive back, every Gilmer recap I've read this season has him coming up with at least one huge return and at least one huge reception.  Dude might need the ball in his hands.

Yankee Bowl Links!

  • Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician: 6-6 Football Coming to a Yankee Stadium Near You

    Just to get a feel for what the Yankee Bowl would have looked like had it been around the last couple seasons, let's see which teams would have likely played there.

    2008 - Rutgers vs. Kansas

    2007 - South Florida vs. Oklahoma State

    2006 - South Florida vs. Kansas State

    2005 - South Florida vs. Missouri

    Now that we have such region and team-specific bowl arrangements, it would be pretty humorous to watch South Florida play in the Yankee Bowl while UConn or Rutgers plays in the St. Petersburg Bowl.

    2005 Yankee Bowl champions...oh, what could have been...
  • Football Press Conference From Yankee Stadium to be Streamed Live

Big 12 Links!

  • The Case For Killing Ralphie

    In the years 2006-2008 CU has won a total of eight conference football games, out of a possible 24.  This year they lost at home to in-state rival Colorado State and then at Toledo.  They did beat Wyoming at home, but that is the same Wyoming team that squeaked by Weber State in the first game of the season (former Mizzou offensive coordinator, Dave Christensen, we know better times are ahead for you and the Cowboys).

    On the hardwood, CU hasn't fared any better. Over the same time frame, CU basketball brings with them a 25% conference winning percentage, having won 16 of the 64 conference games they have played since the start of 2005-06 season.  And last year they saw an average of 4,262 come out to sit in the 11,064 seat Coors Event Center, ranking them last in the Big 12 in attendance.

    CU doesn't field a baseball team and isn't particularly competitive at any non-running sport.  To its credit though, CU has brought home 9 conference championships since the start of the 2004 academic year, registering 8 in cross country and one in men's outdoor track.

    Geographically, Boulder is the outpost of the conference.  It remains the only Big 12 school in the Mountain time zone and the closest Big 12 city to "The People's Republic of Boulder" lies in Lincoln, Nebraska, some 7 hours drive away.

    Conversely, there are six Mountain West schools that are within an 8-hour drive of Boulder, two of which reside in the state of Colorado. Colorado State University in Fort Collins and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs are 1 and 1.5 hour drives, respectively, from Boulder.  The University of Wyoming, the University of New Mexico, BYU and the University of Utah also all fall within the 8-hour drive.

  • KC Star: Wildcat formation comes full circle at Kansas State
  • The Missourian: Big 12 Notebook: Kansas football team learns from nonconference test
  • Waco Tribune: Robert Grifin -- not that one -- commits to Baylor football

Other Mizzou Links!