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Postgame Podcast #1! The Vindication Edition

Ahh, Brass Bonanza sounds as good as ever, does it not?  We're still not on iTunes, but press play below to listen to Postgame Podcast #1 of the 2009 season.  Rptgwb, UribeAuction, the inestimable mcboomofdoom, and I review today's big win from the parking lot next to the stadium, discussing the highs and (few) lows and what this win might (or might not) mean for the season at hand.

Also, since I forgot to in the podcast, The Beef wanted me to mention how big those Grant Ressel kicks were in the first half. Otherwise I think I covered all of his main points (he was heading to dinner with his parents).

Anyway, a lovely way to start the season. Enjoy.

Direct mp3 download link