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Mizzou Links, 9-9-09

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Bowling Green Links!

  • GA Tickets for Bowling Green Game Available Wednesday
  • The Missourian: A lot different since last time Missouri played Bowling Green in football

    Clawson credited Missouri, which this week entered the AP poll for the first time this season at No. 25, for its ability to remain successful after the loss of key players.

    "It’s the third quarterback in this system," Clawson said, referring to Blaine Gabbert, who followed Brad Smith and Chase Daniel. "And they graduate players, and they lose guys to the NFL Draft, and they come back and play the way they do against Illinois, and they look very good doing it. They were very efficient. That’s what happens when you have the same head coach and the same system for eight, nine, 10 years."

  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday Tiger Notebook
  • Dave Matter: Tigers Meet the Press
  • The Trib: Behind the Stripes Webcast: Episode 4
  • CBS Sports: Bowling Green-Missouri Preview

    One concern, however, is a running game that was mostly ineffective. Missouri rushed for 117 yards on 37 attempts. Excluding Derrick Washington's 32-yard run, the Tigers' average was 2.4 yards per carry.

    They'll also face an opponent that's had success against them and their coach.

    Bowling Green (1-0) holds a 3-1 lead in the series and won consecutive meetings over Pinkel-coached Missouri teams in 2001 and 2002, including a 20-13 road victory that spoiled his first game with the Tigers.

    The Falcons, who are 11-8 against major conference teams since that season, also split 10 games against Pinkel when he was at Toledo from 1991-2000.

Other Mizzou Football Links!

  • USA Today: Weekend Rewind
    McElroy one of notable quarterback debuts. Alabama's new signal caller was more than capable against the Virginia Tech defense, throwing for 230 yards and touchdown as the Tide handled the Hokies. True freshman Matt Barkley shook off a shaky start with Southern California and finished with 233 yards passing and two scores against San Jose State. The top honor, however, goes to Blaine Gabbert of Missouri. The sophomore was replacing Chase Daniel and there was no slowing down the Tigers offense against Illinois. Gabbert was for 25-for-33 for 319 yards and three touchdowns and added a scoring run in a 37-9 domination of the Illini.
  • Post-Dispatch: Top 25 sets up a lot of drama
  • (Tim Griffin): Beware of Missouri's stinging 'Scorpion' defense
  • Hail to the Orange: Mizzou Football, Illini Basketball to meet in tie breaker match of kick the can

    Saturday's lopsided Tiger win in St. Louis, against a more experience and supposedly more talented Illini team merely reaffirmed what the many already knew, this would get us no where. Missouri athletic director Michael  Alden and Illinois athletic director Ron Guenther were left with no choice. The Illini basketball team and Missouri football team must face one another in a tie breaker match to finally determine which school will have control of the valuable St Louis steam boat monopoly, something both schools have been vying for since the two teams first met up in 1896.

    "I can't quite understand why the schools want the steam boats so badly," said Illini basketball coach Bruce Weber, "I mean the national highway system, airline industry and rail roads kind of make steam powered paddle boats obsolete don't they?"

  • KC Star: MU defense looks tough under Steckel
  • The Trib: Holes hard to find for Missouri
  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday's Top Tigers
  • Dave Matter: Big 12 honor for Gabbert & Tigers crack poll
  • PowerMizzou: Top Ten Targets
  • Mizzourah: Podcast - Week 2 '09
  • KC Star: Mike DeArmond's vlog | Look who's No. 25: Mizzou
  • The Missourian: Missouri football testing youth, depth

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Big 12 Links!

Other Mizzou Links!

  • The Trib: Tigers (Soccer) lackadaisical in stunning loss