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Rock M Roundtable, Community Edition!

Being that I just now realized it was Wednesday and haven't sent the Roundtable e-mail to our lovely panel ... and being that there probably isn't enough time to get a good response going (not that that would actually happen, ahem), I'm throwing this week's roundtable open to the community once again.  Somebody make sure to remember to reference ZouDave's sister, otherwise it isn't an official Roundtable.

1 - Last night's K-State/ATM game had 53 fouls.  Saturday's Mizzou/K-State game had 56.  Is K-State's (and to a lesser extent, Mizzou's, ATM's and others') brand of basketball too physical, or should refs just swallow their freaking whistles a bit?  There were plenty of justifiable foul calls last Saturday, but there were a ton of ticky-tack whistles that just wasted everybody's time.

2 - Big 12 home teams have lost just one game this year.  At the end of the night, after Texas plays at Iowa State, Mizzou plays at Texas Tech, and Kansas plays at Nebraska, will the number of losses be 1, 2, 3, or 4?

3 - So ... who should the Tennessee football program hire now that they've been completely blindsided by Lane Kiffin?

4 - Jay, Conan, Dave, Jimmy K., Jimmy F., or Craig?