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The Missouri Tigers All-Season Team: Blaine Gabbert


As we put a wrap on the roller coaster ride of a rebuilding season in 2009, I've decided to ask for the community's help in fashioning the 2009 Mizzou All-Season Team. Just like I did in 2007 before the Cotton Bowl, putting together the All-Season Team will help recognize the top performances of the season at each position this past year.

Today, it's the quarterbacks' turn. My apologies to Jimmy Costello. Nominees after the jump.

NOMINEES (in chronological order):

- Blaine Gabbert vs. Illinois: For better or worse, it was the game that redefined expectations, and it was the game that birthed the Blaine Gabbert era. Gabbert looked perhaps at his most comfortable in his starting debut in the Lou, completing 75 percent of his passes in leading Missouri to its most complete beatdown of the season.

THE LINE: 25-of-33, 319 yards, 9.7 yds per attempt, 3 TD, 0 INT, 186.96 rating

- Blaine Gabbert vs. Furman: For a minute, it didn't look like this game would be an option. Missouri struggled a little bit out of the gate against the Paladins, with Gabbert going 0-for-4 on Missouri's first two drives, both resulting in three and outs. But on Missouri's third drive, with the Tigers facing 2nd and 24 after a penalty on the offensive line, Gabbert threw an absolute strike to Jerrell Jackson for 24 yards and a first down. From there, the flood gates opened. Two plays later, Danario Alexander hit Jared Perry on the WR Pass, and the rout was on. Gabbert shook off the early troubles to put up fine statistics in an abbreviated performance.

THE LINE: 17-of-25, 256 yards, 10.2 yds per attempt, 3 TD, 0 INT, 193.62 rating

- Blaine Gabbert vs. Nevada: The numbers here are statistically gaudy, but the real testament to Gabbert's performance in this game is that he did it with little to no help from his offensive line. Despite being under siege for most of the evening, Gabbert helped deliver Missouri yet another undefeated non-conference season, with a a little help from the man wearing No. 81. Gabbert played a large role in Missouri's 11-play, 97-yard dagger of a drive, moving the chains on two big third and long conversions.

THE LINE: 25-of-40, 414 yards, 10.4 yds per attempt, 3 TD, 0 INT, 174.19 rating

- Blaine Gabbert vs. Baylor: All Missouri fans seem to remember about his performance in this game is the happy feet that got him into trouble on Missouri's last few drives. But before you crucify Gabbert in the annals of your memory, don't forget the sheer amount of drops from his targets. Of course, there were mistakes from Gabbert in this game on a horribly disappointing afternoon for Missouri, but his solid performance for the majority of the day shouldn't have gotten as overlooked as it was.

THE LINE: 30-of-51, 468 yards, 9.2 yds per attempt, 2 TD, 0 INT, 148.84 rating

- Blaine Gabbert vs. Kansas State: This game certainly wasn't Gabbert at his most explosive, but I feel comfortable in saying that this was Gabbert with the most control of the game we saw all year. Outside of the big plays to Danario, he really wasn't slinging it around all that much, as Missouri's offense quietly went about its business in keeping the Kansas State defense off-balance in a big road win.

THE LINE: 20-of-27, 298 yards, 11.0 yds per attempt, 3 TD, 0 INT, 203.45 rating

- Blaine Gabbert vs. Iowa State: Is there such a thing as a "quiet" 337 yards and two touchdowns?

THE LINE: 23-of-32, 337 yards, 10.5 yds per attempt, 2 TD, 0 INT, 180.97 rating

- Blaine Gabbert vs Kansas: Until the 2010 season kicks off, this remains the signature win of Gabbert's career. Whether or not it came as the result of his best performance of the year is for the voters to decide. One of the X-factors here was Gabbert's best rushing day of the season, taking off 17 times for 94 yards.

THE LINE: 23-of-31, 303 yards, 7.4 yds per attempt, 1 TD, 0 INT, 126.23 rating