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Mizzou Links, 10-1-10

We wrap up a ridiculously busy week of both work and writing (I swear the Miami photo gallery and picks post are coming!) with a fun set of links here...

Mizzou Football Links

  • The Missourian: Missouri finds takeaways a key to success
  • KBIA Sports Extra: Non-conference chat: Missouri's offensive line stands strong

    Ross: The unit has been impressive both as a unit and as individuals through conference play, and it’s really a testament to the recruiting Missouri has done at the position. Missouri may not have the earth-movers on the offensive line that other Division I teams have. But Missouri has recruited linemen that are tailored to its offensive system. The linemen are generally agile and effective on the type of counter pulls that Missouri loves to run, and in pass protection, Missouri’s wide splits make it imperative that the linemen can hold their own and operate in space. They’ve done all of this so far this year. Tim Barnes continues to command the troops well at center, and the Tigers know they have bookend tackles in Dan Hoch and Elvis Fisher. The big question is still at guard, where Austin Wuebbels and Jayson Palmgren have yet to receive a big test. Missouri has been rotating those two out with Travis Ruth and Justin Britt coming in, and the Tigers need to be able to trust the two guards flanking Barnes’ sides. One thing that really hurt Missouri a season ago was untimely holding penalties from the guards. Do you trust Missouri’s guards enough to avoid such problems in 2010?

    JJ: Well, the nice thing is that Missouri’s guards won’t have to deal with Ndamokung Suh (or Gerald McCoy, although Missouri didn’t play Oklahoma last year) in conference play this year. That’s not to excuse Missouri’s guards for holding penalties, though—those obviously came against other teams other than Nebraska. I guess it’s a little worrisome that we have seen Ruth and Britt being rotated in with Wuebbels and Palmgren, who were slated as the first-team guards to start the year. In a perfect world, two of the four guards would step up and the rotation would be obsolete. But right now, just based off the rotation at guard, it’s tough to be 100 percent confident at that position.

  • PowerMizzou: 2011 Football hot board

Oklahoma State 38, Texas A&M 35

Well ... last night was certainly entertaining.  Not pretty (somewhat horrifying at times, actually), but entertaining.  I went to bed last night more impressed with A&M's defense (its potential, anyway), less impressed with A&M's offense, MUCH less impressed with Jerrod Johnson (especially his delivery ... was his hand covered in vaseline or something last night?), more impressed with OSU's defense ... and all sorts of impressed with OSU's Justin Blackmon.  Maybe it's the No. 81, but wow, does he remind me of Danario Alexander.

Big 12 Links

  • Scheduling
    Dallas Morning News: Big 12 unveils new round-robin football schedule Future Big 12 Football Schedules Released
    The Trib: Big 12 releases future footballs chedules
    KBIA Sports Extra: Big 12 releases future football schedule
    Dr. Saturday: Say goodbye to the Big 12 Championship Game
  • Red River Rivalry
    Blatant Homerism: PODCAST: The View of the Red River Shootout from Burnt Orange Nation
    Dr. Saturday: Upset Bait: Young 'Horns take their turn as 'dogs in Dallas
    Daily Oklahoman: How Texas A.D. DeLoss Dodds went from coaching track in Kansas to reshaping college athletics
  • Iowa State vs Texas Tech
    Double-T Nation: DTN's Q&A with Clone Chronicles
    Clone Chronicles: Interview with Double-T Nation's Seth C.
  • Kansas vs Baylor
    Topeka Capital-Journal: Griffin has KU's attention
    KC Star: Sims' story emphasizes value of KU's Texas pipeline
  • Kansas State
    KC Star: K-State's Slaughter brings pain on defense
    Topeka Capital-Journal: Aggieville is underrated
  • Hey, Remember When John Blake Got Fired From OU and Destroyed Recruiting Records?

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • The Dagger: Big 12 Preview: Ranking the top 15 must-see non-conference games
  • The Dagger: Pelphrey's recruiting coup at Arkansas delightful as it is daunting (I'll let you piece together why this is a Mizzou link, ahem ... and a good one)

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Soccer Soccer Looks Ahead to OSU and Oklahoma
  • Mizzou Swimming & Diving Mizzou Swimming & Diving Open Season


  • Dawg Sports: Why the Accuracy of Bowls and Polls is Better for College Football Than the Finality of a Division I-A Playoff (solid point and fun comments thread, and ... is he wrong??)