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Mizzou Links, 10-14-10

Programming note: I'll be very, very impressed if I finish the A&M BTBS Preview before tomorrow.  Just FYI.

Mizzou Football Links

Big 12 Links

Basketball Links (Mizzou, Big 12 and Otherwise)

  • Mizzou Basketball To Host Black & Gold Game on October 28
  • KBIA Sports Extra: VIDEO: Mike Anderson discusses social media with the media
  • PowerMizzou: VIDEO: Mike Anderson media day
  • PowerMizzou: Powered Up: Anderson comes alive
    He told a story about Kim English showing kids how to set screens at a community service event last weekend.

    "I look at him like, 'Hell, you're teaching them, but you wouldn't do it!"

    He talked about how this team reflects his own personality. He was then asked how the team's talent compared to his own.

    "Better talent than me? Absolutely. Absolutely. Hey, we gotta be way better than that."

    He joked about having to teach Phil Pressey and Matt Pressey to call him Coach instead of Uncle Mike.

    "I had to convince those guys, I'm not Uncle Mike. This is my job. This is what I do. I had to convince those guys in the recruiting part of it," Anderson said. "They better not call me Uncle Mike.

    "When your roommate's kids start playing for you? Man, that's hard there. That means you getting on up there...A lot of people said when DeMarre left and Mike Junior left, they said, 'Coach, you're out of family now what's gonna happen? Hell, I got two more. How about that?
  • The Trib: Anderson won't rule out Mitchell
  • The Missourian: MU basketball coach looking for the right mix
  • The Trib (Steve Walentik): Counting down the Top 25 (nos. 25-21)
  • Ken Pomeroy: Roster attrition by conference
  • The Dagger: Baylor being investigated by NCAA, already self-reported violations

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball Tigers Escape A&M with Five-Set Win
    KBIA Sports Extra: Mizzou knocks off Texas A&M in five-set thriller
    KBIA Sports Extra: Reflections from the Missouri volleyball team's 3-2 win at Texas A&M
    Missouri still has a large hill to climb for NCAA Tournament eligibility. To no one’s surprise, the Big 12 is once against tightly packed in the "second tier" of the standings. Six teams entered Wednesday within one game of .500 in Big 12 play, and a seventh — Missouri — pulled within one game with a win. The tight race in the Big 12 has placed prime importance on matches between two "bubble" teams in the middle tier, and Missouri helped its case tremendously with a win against Texas A&M. A loss would have dropped the Tigers to 3-6 in conference play, but with the win, Missouri can improve to 5-5 by beating Baylor at home on Saturday evening.
  • Mizzou Baseball Mizzou in the Majors: Kinsler shines in Postseason


  • Smart Football: Writing about sports in 2010: Four points about two (or three) articles