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Introducing the Rock M Nation/College Gameday Sign Contest!


So, College Gameday is coming to Columbia. Mission accomplished, right? Not so fast my friend.

This is merely your call to action. That's why we're proud to present the Rock M Nation College Gameday Sign Contest, in which the winner will receive a free copy of next year's 2011 Missouri Football Preview magazine. What are the rules?

Three things must happen for you to qualify as an entrant: 1) The sign must actually appear on the ESPN broadcast, 2) the sign must visibly and legibly contain the URL "," and 3) you must send us a photo with your sign PRIOR to the broadcast so we can confirm it is indeed your sign.

How will the winner be selected? The Rock M Nation editors will decide which sign we found to be most clever, and we set a high standard around these parts, so it's time to bring your A-game...