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Mizzou and Big 12 Links

Plenty of thoughts still forthcoming, but for now ... links!  And Oklahoma's already stretching the definition of 'trash talk' after the jump.

The Recaps

The Defense

  • Post-Dispatch (Bryan Burwell): Give an 'A' to Missouri's 'D'
  • KC Star: Defensive coordinator Steckel stays humble
  • KC Star (Sam Mellinger): MU defense has the makings of a classic

    [Former Mizzou lineman] Elmer Benhardt moved to South Texas 40 years ago, shortly after helping Missouri football to its so-called "Decade of Dominance" and that’s plenty long enough to, in his words, "be humbled quite a few times."

    He spent the afternoon at his neighbor’s watching Mizzou make a national statement of sorts in a 30-9 trouncing of Texas A&M here on Saturday. The call surprises him, but not nearly as much as the reason for it.

    "Since 1967?" he asks. "It’s been that long? I’ll be darned. I thought all our records were broken a few years ago with Chase Daniel and those guys."

    Believe it. Including the shutout against Colorado, this is the fewest points given up in consecutive league games since 1967 — the heart of the Dan Devine years, back when color TV was a status symbol and the forward pass was a novelty.

  • PowerMizzou: Defense sets up a showdown

Gabbert is OK, and Kemp is Awesome

  • The Trib: Concerns over Gabbert are gone with the win

    Although his team’s record was perfect, Gabbert was open for nit-picking throughout the first five games. He often scrambled out of a perfectly good pocket and into trouble — a habit known as "happy feet" that carries the unwanted implication that the feet in question belong to someone who doesn’t want to take a hit. Texas A&M’s Jerrod Johnson and Gabbert were considered the frontrunners for first-team All-Big 12 honors, but heading into yesterday’s game, neither was trending toward even honorable mention.

    More worrisome for Missouri was the injury to Gabbert’s hip and/or ribs suffered in last week’s 26-0 victory over Colorado. Before Tuesday’s practice, he needed help just to stretch. There were flashbacks of last year’s midseason swoon that coincided with Gabbert’s severe ankle sprain.

    Gabbert was so intent on playing, and playing well, that he didn’t want to miss a practice rep.

    "There was one period where we moved James Franklin up to the 1s, and Blaine was mad," offensive coordinator David Yost said.

    Missouri could afford a pedestrian effort from its quarterback against overmatched nonconference opponents and its perennial Big 12 punching bag, Colorado, but not in its first true road game, not in front of a roaring crowd of more than 83,000 at Kyle Field.

    But Missouri is a good road team — now 10-3 in away games since 2007 — and it liked the matchup against Texas A&M, even though the Aggies ranked 24th nationally in total defense.

    "They’re a Cover 2 team. That’s their base thing," MU’s Wes Kemp said. "In our offense, we say, ‘Pray for Cover 2.’ "

  • The Missourian: Wes Kemp catches on for Missouri football team
  • Post-Dispatch: Kemp has big game for Mizzou



Texas 20, Nebraska 13

Oklahoma 52, Iowa State 0

  • Tulsa World: DeMarco Murray sets TD record in OU's 52-0 win over Iowa State
  • Daily Oklahoman: DeMarco Murray sets TD record as Sooners roll 52-0
  • Daily Oklahoman: Oklahoma's 52-0 rout Iowa State signals the return of joy to Soonerville
  • Clone Chronicles: Oklahoma 52, Iowa State 0: A Narrative
  • Daily Oklahoman: Sooners turn quickly to upcoming battle of unbeatens at Missouri

    "We have to start thinking about Oklahoma because they are a great football team," said Gabbert, who refused to bask in Missouri’s most impressive win in three years.

    "We have to get an extra edge on those guys."

    The 6-0 Tigers appear to be a serious football team. And they are serious about next weekend’s primetime showdown vs. the Sooners in Columbia.

    Consider the Sooners — who destroyed Iowa State 52-0 a few hours later Saturday at Owen Field — serious about next weekend’s game, too.

    Said linebacker Travis Lewis: "Missouri is going to be a tough challenge. I’m excited. ... They got us circled. We’ve got them circled. I know they were talking a little trash, that they had us circled before the season even started. That they wanted to play us.

    "They need to get some film in. Because we’re coming to Missouri."

    Only Oklahoma can turn "They're watching film of you" into "They're talking a little trash." God bless you, Bob Stoops.

Oklahoma State 34, Texas Tech 17

Baylor 31, Colorado 25

And a Kansas link...