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Mizzou Links, 10-19-10


Mizzou Football Links

    Through 6 games, Mizzou ranks 19th in the nation in turnover margin, at +0.83 per game and is among the nation’s best defenses at forcing takeaways (14), including 9 interceptions gained, which is already one more than the 8 that Mizzou picked off in 13 games in 2009. Mizzou is picking off a pass once in every 25.1 pass attempts so far in 2010 (9 INTs in 226 attempts), and that’s a huge improvement from the ratio of once every 59.4 pass attempts by opponents in 2009 (8 INTs in 475 attempts).

    Research shows that when MU is on the plus side of the turnover equation in a game, the results are astoundingly good. Coming into Saturday’s game against Oklahoma, Mizzou has won 28 straight games when it has been at least +1 in turnover margin. The last time Mizzou dropped a game in which it was positive in turnovers was in 2005 at Kansas, when MU was +1, but lost, 13-3.
    Post-Dispatch: Saturday's game against OU has a personal aspect for Gabbert

    To be sure, Gabbert wouldn't have been able to achieve anything last week or even much of last season if not for his quality of being able to cope with injury.

    Just as he continued on with a bum ankle last year, he easily could have been waylaid by the hip injury that Pinkel referred to as a rib issue after the game.

    "There's no question the adversity he had a year ago with that injury helped him through this," Pinkel said. "That's how we all grow. Nobody wants to go through it, but he did and it helped him through (this)."

    Among the lessons learned a year ago, Gabbert said: "When something's not feeling good, you've got to focus on every other part of your body."

    Including the mind and anything that can further motivate him.

    "Blaine feeds off the media a little bit," Moe said, later adding, "But he constantly hears all the critics and that really fuels him, I think."

    The combination of factors that evidently propelled Gabbert last week likely loom this week, even as he now says he's "111 percent" healthy after being 109 last week.

    Post-Dispatch (Bryan Burwell): The stakes are high for Mizzou when it plays Oklahoma
    The Missourian: Missouri football coach faces reality of playing Oklahoma

    "For us, there’s going to be a lot of stuff going on," Pinkel said. "A lot of excitement on campus and different things, but we need the ability to be able to focus on the task at hand and focus on preparation."

    Beyond the crowds and personalities, beyond the hoopla that the telecast will undoubtedly bring, lurks one thing for Pinkel: responsibility.

    Pinkel has never beaten Oklahoma, and he said he has the responsibility to do so. He’s treating the football game like any other, but he is also a bit concerned. Pinkel was clear he is not buying into the hype, but he is also aware of what a victory would bring.

    KBIA Sports Extra: Gamblers give vote of confidence to Missouri
    PowerMizzou: Like Father, Unlike Son: Sooner showdown
    Tulsa World: OU's focus on Missouri, not BCS standings
    Tulsa World: Missouri's Gary Pinkel not worried about team's focus against OU
    With the 7 p.m. game being shown nationally on ABC and ESPN’s "College GameDay" pregame show originating from the Missouri campus, a lot of attention will be on the matchup between the unbeaten teams.

    "Hopefully, we’ve learned that if you’re thinking about those kinds of things and not focused on your preparation, then that’s not wise," Pinkel said. " ... That’s all part of the things we talk about all the time. I’d like to give our players a little bit more credit than that, that they are going to focus on playing a great football team and our preparation."
    Tulsa World: Sooners' Roy Finch is healthy at the right time
    KC Star (Campus Corner): As OU has twice proven with MU: Made-up stuff is great kindling (in case you missed it in FanShots)
  • Aldon Smith & Luke Lambert
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Pinkel: Lambert out for OU, unsure on Smith
    KBIA Sports Extra: Pinkel: Smith's availability for Oklahoma in holding pattern
    Post-Dispatch: Pinkel on hype, Aldon Smith status
    Post-Dispatch: MU defensive end Smith says he's ready to return
  • Media Day Monday Media Day Quotes
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Tigers Meet the Press
    PowerMizzou: PMTV: Mizzou Media Day
    PowerMizzou: Monday Morning Audio
  • The Missourian: 'College GameDay' might shake up MU Homecoming parade schedule
  • KBIA Sports Extra: VIDEO: Andrew Gachkar, Dave Steckel credit preparation for strong defensive performance at Texas A&M
  • For a Tiger Trio, Football Equals Friendship
  • We Are Mizzou: VIDEO: A Day in the Life of James Franklin
  • The Trib: Tigers defense smacks down on the Aggies
  • Nebraska
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Afternoon kickoff for Tigers-Huskers
    KBIA Sports Extra: Mizzou set to play Nebraska in Lincoln at 2:30 on ABC
  • Danario
    Turf Show Times
    : My Formal Apology: Danario Alexander is a Good Player

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