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Now taking volunteers

While we eagerly await the latest installment of the Sooner Disrespect Chronicles, I have a request: who wants to help me throw a diary together on Saturday?  The "Diary" format (Colorado, Texas A&M) seems to be pretty popular, and I'd love to try to put one together for this weekend, with it being the "greatest Homecoming day ever" and all, but I'll need help.


  • Somebody to be there when the Gameday gates open at 3:30am Saturday morning.
  • Somebody to be at the Homecoming parade afterward.
  • Somebody to go to the basketball scrimmage.

If you're interested in helping out, either let me know in comments, shoot me an e-mail (BillConnelly1 at gmail dot com), or ... well, simply keep a diary and send it to me afterward.  I just want to make sure that the three above events are covered, one way or another.

I'm also taking suggestions for Saturday Twitter #tags.  That way, anybody with Twitter can post updates throughout the day (wherever they are), and I can compile them later on.  Suggestions?  #RMN?  #BestDayEver?  #RMNday?  Your call.