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Mizzou Links, 10-22-10


One former roommate is in town already, one entire family is on the way, and a former road trip buddy leaves for Columbia this afternoon.  In the words of Polexia Aphrodesia from Almost Famous ... it's all happppeninnnggggg...

Oh yeah, and Ben Askren: Bellator's Welterweight Champion.  Was there any doubt?


  • The Missourian: ESPN changes time for Friday 'College GameDay' broadcast
  • Post-Dispatch: ESPN says Mizzou is 'perfect GameDay site'
  • The Trib: Five questions about 'College Gameday'
  • The Trib: Visit from ESPN's 'GameDay' 'stamp of national approval' for MU

Mizzou-Oklahoma (and Other Mizzou Football) Links

  • KC Star: Mizzou has to go through Oklahoma to reach next level
  • KC Star: Against Oklahoma, Tigers are in need of true grit
  • KC Star (Upon Further Review): Missouri vs Oklahoma
  • Post-Dispatch (Bryan Burwell): Mizzou's time has come vs. Oklahoma

    History suggests that anytime the Sooners and Tigers get together, there isn't much left to the imagination. This is hammer vs. nail. This is a pounding wave against beach erosion. This is a Groundhog Day-like repetitive butt-whipping. OU wins. MU loses. Big, ugly, lopsided, gangster slap-style losses. Depressing, humiliating, one-sided affairs that serve as embarrassing annual reminders of the chasm between Big 12 royalty (OU) and the humbled pretenders to the throne (Mizzou).

    So, why are we so enticed by the prospects that Saturday night's OU-MU showdown could be any different than all the rest?

    Because it's time for Missouri to stop losing and move up a notch in the conference hierarchy. I don't think it's an overstatement to say that this is the game that could serve as the high-water mark for the Gary Pinkel program. This is the moment that has taken 10 years to build toward. You build a program steadily, adding key elements along the way. And now, after all those flashy offensive teams he used to build a national reputation with for Mizzou, Pinkel strolls into this OU-MU showdown Saturday night with something he has never had before:

    A complete defense that ought to be able to finally stand on its own against Oklahoma.

  • Post-Dispatch: Bradford-Alexander spar over Oklahoma-Mizzou game
  • Post-Dispatch: Past losses to Oklahoma don't faze Missouri
  • Post-Dispatch: MU schedule looks respectable now
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Writer's Block: Scouting the Sooners
  • The Trib: Missouri defense's rise is collective effort
  • SB Nation: No. 3 Oklahoma Vs. No. 18 Missouri: GameDay in Columbia
  • KBIA Sports Extra: VIDEO: Gary Pinkel discusses Blaine Gabbert's toughness
    KBIA Sports Extra: VIDEO: Gary Pinkel talks Oklahoma
  • Daily Oklahoman: How the 'Moe Miracle' saved Missouri's season
  • Tulsa World: Recent history is kind to OU against Missouri
    The Missourian: Oklahoma remains nemesis for Missouri's Pinkel
  • Pre-Snap Read: Tigers, Cowboys Might Just Be This Good
  • Gary Pinkel and the Missouri Tigers Can Make People Pay Attention With a Win Over the Sooners this Weekend
  • Missouri Tigers midseason football report
  • PowerMizzou: Tiger Mailbag
    PowerMizzou: The Chamber
  • PowerMizzou: Huge season for [MU commit Shane] Ray
  • Missouri Fans: MizzouPhoto Just Got Better

Big 12 Links

  • God, the Big 12 Sucks Sometimes
    Dallas Morning News: Two years after Texas-Oklahoma controversy, Big 12 changes tiebreaker
    College Football Talk: Big 12 tweaks 'controversial' tiebreaker
    Daily Oklahoman: Thanks to Texas, BCS no longer Big 12's ultimate decider on tiebreaker

    No longer is BCS ranking the ultimate decider. Now, if the top two Big 12 teams in the BCS are ranked next to each other, the winner of their head-to-head matchup advances.

    Which is a silly way to do it, even if that's the way the SEC does it. When did Birmingham become the bastion of common sense?

    Love or hate the BCS, you've got to admit this. It's manna for a three-way tiebreaker. Call it the Solomon system. No good way to cut the baby in thirds, so here comes on a silver platter an outside entity to decide for you.

    In a way, the BCS standings are MORE involved now, because now it doesn't just matter who's ahead in the standings -- now it matters who's ahead and by how much. This is just a joke that a) the Big 12 would cave to Texas yet again, b) cave to Texas quietly, when nobody's looking, almost two years later, and c) create a worse tie-breaker in the process. Sigh.
  • Nebraska-Oklahoma State
    Corn Nation: Oklahoma State Offensive Coordinator Dana Holgorsen - Bo Pelini's Offensive-Minded Twin?
    Omaha World-Herald: Blackmon to challenge Blackshirts (well ... yeah)
    Dallas Morning News: Victory against Oklahoma State is no sure thing for Nebraska (well ... YEAH ... yesterday was 'Obvious Headline Day' apparently)
    Tulsa World: Gundy's team successful against Big 12 North
  • Kansas State-Baylor
    KC Star: Baylor poised to challenge Kansas State's defense
  • Iowa State-Texas
    Burnt Orange Nation: Texas Longhorns Football: Expectations Ahead
    Austin American-Statesman: Iowa State coach Paul Rhoades [sic] is a keeper, but can Cyclones keep him
  • Texas A&M-Kansas
    Rock Chalk Talk: A Few Position Switches of Note (Toben Opurum is now a defensive end. He has two and a half more years to play tight end, defensive tackle, and somewhere on the offensive line. Hop to it, Toben!)
    Rock Chalk Talk: Kansas vs. Texas A&M Matchup Breakdown
    KC Star: KU quarterback feeling the strain
    Topeka Capital-Journal: KU still hopes to 'get a win'
    Topeka Capital-Journal: Gill's goal: Stay poised
  • Texas Tech-Colorado
    The Ralphie Report: Colorado - Texas Tech Q&A With Double T Nation
    Dallas Morning News: Tommy Tuberville still trying to meet the standards set by Mike Leach

Big 12 Basketball Media Day Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Baseball
    KC Star (Royals Blog): Rangers' Kinsler made impact at Mizzou in one season with Tigers (via
  • Mizzou Volleyball Tigers Open Second Half at No. 3 Nebraska
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    The Trib: Fellow coaches think Pingeton will win in Big 12 (They almost always say this, but ... it's better than them NOT saying it)