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Mizzou Links, 10-7-10

The Fifth Down. Live it, love it.

I'm sure we've linked to it before, but as we prepare for Saturday's MU-CU game, the 20th anniversary of the Fifth Down, it's time to embrace the annoyance one last time.

And via the Dr. Saturday link below...

Image via The Trib
  • The Trib: Fifth down is a play that will live in infamy

    Recalling the infamous sequence with careful precision, [Harry] Colon recites a version that ends short of the goal line.

    "He falls on his butt and reaches his hands out," Colon said. "We gave it our all and left everything we had on the field. But to this day, I’m still under the belief that he didn’t score."

    "What was really tough was we thought we were in the process of turning that program around," Colon continued, recalling the Tigers had beaten No. 21 Arizona State the week before. MU Coach Bob "Stull had done a good job of preparing us. But, hey, they were the national champions that year. We not only took them down to the wire, but the wire plus some."

    Oh yeah, that part. The Colorado touchdown that former Missouri coaches, former Missouri players and still inconsolable Missouri fans insist was not a touchdown occurred on fifth down. The Fifth Down, as it became instantly known and which today celebrates 20 years of infamy.

    "We didn’t get a fair shake on the deal," Colon said. "How could that happen?"

    Good question.
  • The Trib: J.C. Louderback, I feel your pain
  • Dr. Saturday: 20 years later, Colorado-Missouri can't escape the "Fifth Down"
  • College Football Talk: 20th anniversary of '5th Down' shows how far the game has come
  • Denver Post: No downplaying CU's fifth down at Missouri

Other Mizzou Football Links

First, your MU-CU TV update, via Dave Matter and Fox's Geoff Goldman:

In the St. Louis area, cable subscribers can find the Colorado-Missouri game on the following stations:
Charter: Ch. 3, 8 or 21
New Wave-Dexter and Sparta: Ch. 21
Madison-Madison County: Ch. 8
HomeTel-Douglas, Ill.: Ch. 3
Cable America: Ch.12
Fidelity: TBA

DirecTV and AT&T U-verse subscribers can find the Colorado-Missouri game on:
DirecTV: Ch. 657 (HD 657-1)
AT&T U-verse: Ch. 750 (HD 750-1)

Big 12 Links

Nebraska is still really good at volleyball.

Other Mizzou Links