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Mizzou Basketball As Things Around My Apartment

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Two of the more entertaining pieces in the SB Nation blogosphere during the last few months have been Lookout Landing's First Half In Review: Mariners As Things In Or Near My Apartment and Burnt Orange Nation's Texas Longhorns as Things From My House. In the spirit of stealing content ideas sharing, I now blatantly steal emulate and honor their posts by previewing Mizzou basketball as things around my apartment.

Kim English -- Mr. Boh shirt


I got it from Baltimore, and even though it draws a lot of attention to itself, I love it to death.

Steve Moore -- Rugby 2004


It doesn't see all that much playing time, but even though no one is quite sure what to do when it's playing, it's fun to experiment. That is, until you get pissed and yank it out of the system in favor of games you know a lot better.

Laurence Bowers -- Wild Turkey


My favorite Party Starter.

Mike Dixon Jr. - Grill


When it's hot, it's serves me so well and I just want it to keep cooking. But when it's not cooking, it can just look pretty grimy. Yet, it's pretty reliable except for the one or two times it really burns me.

Ricardo Ratliffe - Lease


The lease to my apartment signifies that, yeah, I'm basically just borrowing it from someone else for a few years. That doesn't mean my apartment can't be awesome for a few years, though.

Phil Pressey - Cigar cutter


My cigar cutter is small, but I imagine it can cut you up like hell if you don't pay attention to what you're doing.

Matt Pressey -- RJI cup


I'm not really sure why I have it, but it was given to me when I went looking for something else so I figure I'll find a use for it eventually.

Ricky Kreklow -- Playmakers DVD


People constantly under-appreciate it and think the only reason it even had a chance was because it was related to ESPN. Then people give it a chance and find themselves pleasantly surprised.

Marcus Denmon - Couch shaker


This is my roommate's subwoofer/bass shaker system to install underneath couches. I imagine it could take the entertainment experience to a whole new level, but I really don't know how to set it up or what to do with it. Hopefully someone smarter than me figures it out because everyone imagines it could be really sweet if utilized properly.

Kadeem Green - Racquetball racquet


I don't know much about racquetball other than it involves a lot of athleticism and it amuses me in the winter. I always mean to learn more about it.

Justin Safford -- Cable box


It may not have a ton of features, but all in all, it's been relatively reliable and entertaining. Save for when it broke down and I was left without it for a little while, it's been good to me.

Jarrett Sutton -- Mizzou football coconut


This is my roommate's Mizzou-painted coconut from a trip to Jamaica. It doesn't really have a purpose other than just sitting there exhibiting school spirit. But lack of utility doesn't necessarily equal lack of excellence.

John Underwood -- Scale


Just a constant reminder that it really isn't that easy to put on bulk.

Tony Mitchell - Empty picture frame magnet 


This is the frame in which I will house an awesome memory if/when it ever happens.

Mike Anderson - Beer shelf


There are many things that go into making my apartment what it is, but beyond all the other items, the beer shelf is truly our apartment's brand. It is loved by tenants and respected by visitors.