Questions about Texas Tech? Ask Double-T Nation

RPT from Rock M Nation and myself, Seth C, from Double-T Nation, are exchanging FanPosts to hopefully engage two great communities to learn a little about each others respective team. RPT has already posted his FanPost on DTN and I'm going to encourage folks from DTN to visit and exchange questions and answers here on RMN since my job keeps me from being very productive on SB Nation. I do want to mention that I have a 24-hour waiting period for DTN which helps with spam and incredibly irate and insightful comments of brand new users immediately after a game.

For those of you who are going to Lubbock for the game, the summer before last, we did a Best of Lubbock series much like RMN did last summer, so now you know where to get yourself a beverage and something to eat before and after the game.

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