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RPT's Third Annual Thanksgiving Special

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It's unequivocally my favorite holiday of the year, and it's one where I'd like to take this opportunity to wish every single RMN reader a happy, healthy and prosperous Thanksgiving. In the spirit of giving thanks and in keeping with a tradition I started two years ago, here's a list of things I'm thankful for, dating back to last Thanksgiving.

In the last year, I've been thankful for...

... the first day after last Thanksgiving, and the foot of one Mr. Ressel.

... Mizzou annihilating Oregon at Mizzou Arena.

... the Christmas spirit, because losing to Oral Roberts might have been a lot harder to take without Christmas cheer.

... "Merry Christmas, Mizzou!" -- Kim English after the Braggin' Rights losing streak came to an end.

... Bill C. compiling the worst moments of the decade, because we'd all missed having Kerry Meier and Ricky Clemons in our lives SO much.

... Goode Co. Barbeque in Houston for saving my trip to Houston for the Texas Bowl. I'm less thankful for the haters who found a rallying cry they still cling to this day.

... a BCI advantage of THIRTEEN TIMES more than Georgia.

... having the All-Season Team as an excuse to compile Danario Alexander's season into one post.

... the Big 12 conference opener at The Woodchipper, including Laurence Bowers' ultimate Party Starter.

... the Top Ten moments of the decade.

... winning in Lubbock! (Remember that?)

... hating Cade Freaking Davis.

... Bill and I starting the Walkthrough series on Jan. 19, as if we could somehow shorten the offseason by doing so.

... Norm's 75th birthday!

... Miguel Paul's coming out (and going away) party.

... RMN's good humor, because otherwise Mizzou's loss at Allen Fieldhouse would have been just unseemly. 

... Fran Fraschilla calling Mizzou's win against Oklahoma State, and the drinking game that ensued.

... a gut-wrenching post from Bill.

... the fact that at least we saw an awesome dunk from Ray Turner during the Worst. 13 Minutes. Ever.

... swarmswarmswarmswarmswarmswarmswarmswarmswarm against Texas and Mike Anderson's subsequent undressing.

... everyone coming out of Manhattan alive in one of the most physical games of basketball I've ever seen.

... Greg's plea for reason.

... having an NCAA Tournament bid locked down prior to losing to Nebraska in Kansas City.

... Bill's manifest to Taylor, Tiller and Ramsey.

... Better Know An Opponent: Clemson.

... Better Outscore An Opponent: Clemson.

... RMN's 1,000,000th site visit, which we've nearly DOUBLED in nine months from the previous 2.5 years. Seriously, thanks everybody.

... Max Askren's national championship.

... The Rafters!

... style doppelgangers

... Mike vs. Nolan.

... April's Fools Day.

... new blood for Mizzou women's basketball.

... Mizzou surviving Jimmy Sexton's world and keeping us from the reality of a Double Down'd Mike Anderson coaching at Oregon.

... your assistance in creating the Rock M Nation Guide to Columbia

... KOMU exploding our web traffic by making us refute their story that MU to the Big Ten was a "done deal." To this point, no correction has been issued.

... the short-lived Rock M Book Club. Hey Bill, remember that?

... choosing your own conference expansion adventure.

... #TremendousStubble and #EarleywineFacts

... Another WCWS appearance under Sir Stubble, thanks in part to an unheralded ace.

... The entire MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ 2010 crisis, which comprise FAR too many posts for me to link.

... the two specific posts I do remember from that time: Mizzou Didn't Start the Fire and Haters Gonna Hate.

... Coach Stubble joining us on the Fastest 40 Minutes in Podcasting and breaking the news about Nottleman's injury.

... EA Sports sponsoring the Where I Come From series, which inspired fans to share their stories of fandom.

... programming schedules for ZOU-TV.

... the release of the 2010 Missouri Football Preview magazine, of which Bill and I are still EXTREMELY proud. Seriously, a huge, huge thank you to everyone who purchased it and made the debut issue a tremendous success. 

... Bill determining that the 1962 team was the best team ever. Um, WHUT?

... the cathartic cleansing of the RMN karma after the Derrick Washington incident and one of my favorite underappreciated Photoshops.

... the return of DISRESPECT!!!

... completing the four-year sweep of Illinois.

... Henry Josey still running untouched against McNeese State.

... TJ ................ Moe! (Oh yeah, and Jerrell Jackson too.)

... the debut of the diary format when Mizzou sent Colorado westward with a two-game scoreless streak in Columbia.

... Mizzou's inferior talent managing to somehow squeak by Texas A&M, 30-9, by the skin of its teeth.

... DISRESPECT and Jackwagon Q. Dumbface.

... perhaps the greatest weekend of my young life. Mizzou shows up to GameDay in record fashion. A completely stocked RMN tailgate. Gahn McGaffie running back the opening kick (the only time I've EVER felt challenged by the "working press must appear neutral" rules). Jerrell Jackson bouncing off defenders. Blaine Gabbert turning it on in the second half. James Franklin improbably crossing the plane. Getting bear hugs from my friends on the field as I tried to snap photos. The swarm of people outside Harpo's. It was all just perfect.

... surviving a less-than-perfect weekend a week later.

... Mike Anderson as the Beer Shelf.

... I-70 Basketball turning into one of the hottest regions of basketball in the country.

... Samsung and ESPN3 for making the Video Breakdown series possible.

... a final Faurot Field win for Mizzou's winningest senior class.

... the chance to share another year of Missouri athletics with this community. 

Happy thanksgiving from me to everyone at RMN! Let us feast!