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Mizzou Beats Kansas: The Links

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I'm heading back from Oklahoma City today, so you'll have to settle for something less than the 100-link monstrosity that usually accompanies Sunday mornings after big football weekends.


Some war...

  • The Trib: Only one team was fighting this Border War
    It’s hard to have a Border War when one side is filled with conscientious objectors.

    In this edition of the bitter old rivalry, the Missouri football team did all in its power to engage and enrage Kansas … and never could get a rise out of the Jayhawks in a 35-7 victory.

    On Monday, MU receiver T.J. Moe expressed his hate for all things Kansas — including Columbia sporting-goods stores that carry KU gear — then waited for the blowback from the Jayhawks and their fans.

    He’s still waiting.

    Speaking of never arriving, Kansas fans were notably absent at Arrowhead Stadium. A meager crowd of 55,788 was announced, and MU Athletic Director Mike Alden said at least 35,000 of them were wearing black and gold. This wasn’t the fuzzy math of former Kansas AD Lew Perkins, who infamously predicted a 70-30 split in favor of KU fans in 2007. If anything, Alden low-balled it.

  • The Missourian: Weak crowd at new Arrowhead Stadium makes MU-KU game lackluster

What's next?

  • The Trib: Tigers pound Jayhawks, bolster bowl profile
  • PowerMizzou: Murky bowl picture ahead
  • KC Star: Orange Bowl rep says Mizzou has a chance

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