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Mizzou Links, 11-5-10

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New Commit!

Well, the commits continue to trickle in.  Everybody welcome the latest Missouri commitment, Copperas Cove (TX) linebacker Brandon Durant!  Durant (6'1, 205) was a UTEP commit and fits the "complete darkhorse from Texas who was once committed to a CUSA school" role that strangely seems to thrive at Mizzou (hello, SPOOOOOOON).  He is the 14th known commitment -- unless some people quit the team, we're probably looking at no more than 3-4 more spots.  And it's early November.

Mizzou-Texas Tech Links

Other Mizzou Football Links

Big 12 Links

  • Baylor at Oklahoma State
    SB Nation: No. 19 Oklahoma State Vs. No. 22 Baylor
    Daily Oklahoman: OSU, Baylor deserve to get paid like the big boys

    Under the conference's revenue-distribution system, teams are rewarded for TV appearances. Including this weekend's games which are headlined by Baylor at OSU in a showdown for South Division supremacy, the Cowboys rank seventh in TV revenue while the Bears are tied for last.

    The team in first place?

    Texas with $2,725,000.

    OSU and Baylor together haven't earned that much so far this season.

    How is that fair? I'm all for profit-sharing that rewards teams, but where is the just reward for OSU and Baylor? They have scratched and clawed for years. They have improved their programs and upgraded their talent. They have become November contenders.

    But when it comes to TV revenue, they still find themselves at the bottom.

    It's a flaw in the system, a hitch that is hurting teams that deserve better.

    THANK you, somebody, for writing this.  This is the problem with unequal distribution.  It's not a reward for success, it's a reward for institutionalized success and program prowess.  If Texas went 6-6 for four straight seasons (call me crazy, but, uh, that probably won't happen), they would still be among the top two or three in television revenue, not because they are earning it in the present tense, but because they are Texas.  That's why you just distribute the money equally and call it a day.
  • Oklahoma at Texas A&M
    Dallas Morning News: Oklahoma at A&M: What you need to know
    Dallas Morning News: Ryan Broyles had role model as OU's go-to-receiver
    Crimson & Cream Machine: Ryan Broyles - Is It Possible To Have A Breakout Season When You've Been Spectacular For Two Years Already?
  • Nebraska at Iowa State
    Lincoln Journal-Star: Three keys vs. Iowa State (I'll give you one guess what Key #1 is)
    Omaha World-Herald: Cyclone running back shown improvement lately
  • Texas at Kansas State
    Dallas Morning News: Texas at Kansas State: What you need to know
    Dallas Morning News: Bill Snyder: 'Texas is better than its record'
    KC Star: Carson Coffman is architect of his fate
    Austin American-Statesman: Even Mack Brown isn't immune to the dreaded down year
  • Colorado at Kansas
    Rock Chalk Talk: Colorado v. Kansas Q&A With The Ralphie Report
    Ralphie Report: Colorado v. Kansas Q&A, Discussion With Rock Chalk Talk
    Topeka Capital-Journal: KU trying to ruin seasons
    Topeka Capital-Journal: KU should stay conservative


Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball Tigers Take Win Streak to Iowa State Volleyball Sets 4 p.m. Start For Texas
  • Mizzou Wrestling Thursdays with Todd (Schavrien)