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Texas Tech Beats Mizzou: The Links

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For those desperate for perspective after a frustrating evening in West Texas last night, just look at the rest of the Big 12.  It offers you all the perspective you could ask for.  Was last night annoying?  Absolutely.  And it was, at best (or worst), the fourth-most annoying loss in the conference.

* Texas -- TEXAS! -- just lost their fifth game in six tries.  And for those Missouri fans who are befuddled that the same team that beat Oklahoma could lose to Texas Tech ... Texas' one win since September 19 (!) was against ... Nebraska.

* Bob Stoops opened himself up to ridicule by trying to keep the scoring margin close against Missouri so that, when they won out, Oklahoma might still be in position for a BCS title bid.  Instead, they got whipped by a team whose coach was considered on the hot seat not very long ago after getting crushed by Mizzou.

* Colorado just allowed 35 points in the fourth quarter to epic cellar dweller Kansas, a team who had scored 40 points in their previous four conference games.  Not only that, but apparently their coach wasn't fired before the team landed back in Boulder.  (I'll be honest: I'm clearly not one for overreacting -- that's been made very clear over the years -- but I absolutely would have fired Hawkins before the team left Lawrence.  Every loss is inexcusable in one way or another, I guess, but this loss was five steps beyond inexcusable.)

And while we're at it, Nebraska followed up a near-flawless performance against Missouri by trying as hard as they could to lose to Iowa State before the wind knocked down a wide-open go-for-the-win two-point conversion, and Baylor followed up their first moment in the spotlight in ages and staked their claim to the South title by ... allowing over 700 yards to Oklahoma State and getting rolled.  This has been a chaotic year in college football, and a ridiculous year in the Big 12.  Missouri showed last night that they are not immune to the chaos, and while that was amazingly frustrating (drop! bad pass! drop! another defensive injury! bad pass! drop!) and we wish Mizzou weren't capable of that poor a performance this late in the season ... they're 7-2.  Only two (TWO!) teams in the Big 12 have been better over the season as a whole.

So do whatever you have to do  -- vent, ignore the Internet, whip Texas Tech 17 times on NCAA '11 -- to get past this, and then suck it up and head to Faurot next Saturday for Senior Day and a big conference game.  There is plenty of more chaos to follow.  If Mizzou plays well, they could end up 10-2; if they don't, 8-4.  It's up to them, and they'll need some support.

(And remember: the Internet never forgets, so choose your words wisely.  To the guy on Twitter last night who said that Missouri would never be better than an eight-win program under Gary Pinkel -- because clearly 12-2 or 10-4 isn't possible with this incompetent dolt in charge, ahem -- this is a lesson you might try to let sink in at some point.)

And if you want more perspective, head on over to KBIA Sports Extra to see what our boy UribeAuction had to say.

Also: the sun came up this morning, everybody got an extra hour of sleep, the basketball team looked great Friday night, and the volleyball team might have staked a claim to an NCAA tournament bid last night.  Life could be much, much worse.

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