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4th Annual Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Contest

{bumped back to the top of the page....deadline is still 12pm on Saturday!!}

That's right ladies and gentlemen.  The longest standing tradition on Rock M Nation is back.  The sweet smell of mediocrity has returned in the 4th annual installment of the Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Contest.  For those of you who are new to these parts since last year, the contest is simple.  I have lined out all 35 bowl games with the spread and the over/under.  This year, thanks to Google and their "forms" (whatever those really are), all you need to do is select (by clicking a bubble) your choices and submit them via the form.  

I will be honest that our staggering growth as a community has me a little nervous about the turn-out, but I really do want everyone to throw down, and not just RMN folks.  All our friends from around SBN are welcome to join as well.  If I can find predictions from national pundits (usually in the form of a prediction with a score), I will go ahead and submit them as well, just so you can see how you stacked up.  I am new to google forms, but I will do my best to keep everyone up to date on standings as we go along.  The contest will be open until next Saturday (the 18th) at noon, as the first game is at 1pm central time.

Instructions and other fun stuff after the jump!


After typing in your RMN handle (and let me know if you have switched names and have entered previous years as another handle) you will see that the point spread is used as part of your selecting the "winner".  For those of you who are not familiar with the point spreads, the first game is BYU -12 vs. UTEP.  If you select BYU, it means you not only believe BYU will win, but they will win by more than 12 points.  A UTEP selection means you either believe UTEP will win the game outright, or will be within 12 points if they lose.  The second selection is the over/under.  For this game, the O/U is 49.5.  If you believe the teams will combine to score 50 points or more, you go with the over.  If you believe they will combine to score 49 or less, you go with the under.  If you believe they are going to score 49.5 exactly, should do well here.

As we last left off, MU 1839 is our all-time leader in wins with 106.  M7Tiger leads the way of the two-year participants with 72 wins, and D-Sing (our winner last year) has the best single-bowl season mark of 41-27 (.603 winning percentage).  More on the history of this contest can be found by clicking on the wrap up from last year (here), but know this: RMN, as a community, NEEDS to have a big year to pull up their all-time mark.  After three years, we currently sit at 2296-2504, a winning percentage of only 47.8%.  You dont need Bill to make up some crazy-ass stat to tell you that is bad.  But with an influx of participants, we may be able to make a move back towards .500

In terms of prizes...I am sure we will come up with something worthwhile'ish to serve as a price.