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Happy Graduation, RPT!!

A little under three and a half years ago, as the writer for a site called Mizzou Sanity, I contacted Peter Bean at Burnt Orange Nation to inquire about running a Missouri blog for SB Nation.  He said SBN was interested, but they might want to have me join forces with somebody else who had contacted SBN -- some incoming who ran a blog called Every True Son.  I already had my own little crew, so to speak (The Beef, Atch, ZouDave, KU Doug, etc. ... basically, the guys from the Rock M Roundtable sans RPT and ghtd36), so I wasn't too high on the idea.  But I fancy myself as a good company man, and if I wanted to be a part of the SBN company, then I figured I should suck it up and go along with the idea.

At this point, I can say without a moment's hesitation that the decision to combine my blog with Ross's made RMN so, so much better than it otherwise would have been.  The business partnership and friendship it created has been huge, both for the site and for me, personally.  Rock M has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and I owe Ross for a large portion of that.

Now, Ross is graduating and foolishly joining the workforce. I figured I would take the time to congratulate all Mizzou December graduates (though, for the love of all that is holy, I hope that most of you are graduating in December because you took extra time to graduate ... and aren't graduating a semester early like a certain someone).  I hope your experience at Mizzou was everything you thought it could be, and if Rock M made that experience one percent more enjoyable ... all the better.  Congrats to all of you (the May grads too, while we're at it), and I think I speak for The Beef and others when I thank Ross for what he's brought to both the site and to our lives over the last few years.