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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: Day 1 in the Books

Day 1 is done, and we'll have a break of a couple of days as college football bows out to the pros.  Three games yesterday, none being all that close.  How did the group start?  We will get to that, but first some stats and information.

In the end, and this blows me away, we had 140 entries into the contest.  That just about triples what we had last year.  Because of that, and because of the beauty of excel and how geeky Bill C is, I no longer have to count up the records by hand.  However, the one drawback is I will not be presenting (at least as often) your actual record, but simply the number of wins.  Also, due to the sheer volume of participants, I am not likely to present the FULL leaderboard as often, just because it is soooooooo long. 

All that said, the leaderboard and anything else I can conveniently come up with after the break.

First off, it does need to be mentioned that Bill C and Mrs. Bill C were a bit delinquent in the submitting of their picks.  Bill C. made a pick for the first bowl game for BYU in another column, but did not select O/U until the game had started (and was already well on its way to the over).  Mrs. Bill C did not make picks on either, so they will not be scored for those 3 (total) picks.  If it comes down to it, I will use winning percentage.

It was a pretty amazing first day for the group, as the contest had a 54% winning percentage yesterday (452-385).  While the contest is still below .500, we are certainly on our way to the better side of the tracks, now at 48.4%...only 267 below .500 :-)

We had no one go winless, though no one could start perfect either.  Let's take a look at those tied at 5-1.

Monte Hardge, Party Barge
pdx zou
Professor Chaos

And those who started 1-5

Chi-Town Tiger
hey blue 13
Coin Flip (seriously...this was simply me flipping a coin 70 times)
Mrs. Bill C (she is 1-3 currently)

We will see you all back here on Wednesday after the next game!