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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: I Hate Vegas

No no RMN fans...this is not a shot at kSU or UNLV, but more so at the odds makers.  Last night's Beef (no relation) O'Brady Bowl had Louisville -3, with the over/under at 58.5.  Final score?  Louisville wins by 3, with the teams totalling 59.  So while we often see Bill's expected points match on games, with all due respect, he's doing that AFTER the game.  F#cking Vegas did this BEFORE the game.  And in the process, gave us the dreaded tie.  Since we are not doing actual records, you will see the tie reflected in the .5, which is going to WREAK havoc later when I try to do all-time standings and stuff.  Do know I may revert to the rule last year in that since money is no object here, EVERYONE might get the win :-)

Stats and leaderboards after the jump, but thanks to Bill who was able to put this together for the last thread.  Now, if you want to see who you picked for the upcoming games, you need only click that link and it should take you to the master list.

UPDATE BY BILL: I updated the standings so that everybody got a full point for the tie. No havoc to wreak now.

So with 8 picks in the books, the leaderboard slims down a bit, as all these folks are currently 7-1

Monte Hardge, Party Barge
pdx zou

The proverbial bottom of the barrel thins out a bit as well, as these folks are now at 2-6

Coin Flip
Mrs. Bill C. * (2-4)

Let me do some thinking on how to best deal with the tie for this year and what sort of alterations our resident excel nerd can make to the mighty spreadsheet.  Totals are subject to change :-)  Boise and Utah have their humdinger tonight, so I should have another update tomorrow morning, MU/ILL basketball game/evening hangover notwithstanding.