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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: Where were the Points Last Night?

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Last night was as good of an example as any as to why the over/under in bowl season is such a fickle mistress.  No one typically sees Troy scoring 48 points, but you KNOW Boise and Utah (or at least Boise) would put some points on the board.  Twas not meant to be however, and so Boise and the under gave most folks the 1-1 on the day.

Tonight's match-up of San Diego State and Navy certainly has a lot of interest among Tiger fans, but should have additional interest for the condition of the field in San Diego after torrential rains had the field being called "Lake Murphy" as recently as YESTERDAY.  Bowl officials swear it will be ready to go, but that sort of track could really slow the speed of San Diego State, while also working to negate the precision of Navy.  Could be interestingly ugly to say the least.

Results, standings and other stats after the jump.  Don't forget about this link to check your picks.

With apologies, we had not yet figured out all the kinks of the new (and improved) spreadsheet, so scores posted yesterday were not entirely accurate.  With a win being given to EVERYONE in the Louisville -3 over Southern Miss (since, let's face it, everyone did get it right in a way), scores were not correctly updated.  Now that they are, turns out we have a leader who has started with a D-Sing'esqe run of 9-1 out of the gate.  So here is our new leader and the folks who are but one game out of the lead (as there is a HUGE group at 7-3...too numerous to mention right now:

golf2804: 9-1

Addison Walton
Monte Hardge, Party Barge
pdx zou

And screwing it up for the community...if you can believe the COIN FLIP at 2-8.  Here are the other folks at 3-7, just one game out of basement:

Mrs. Bill C. * (3-5)

Now, to the big board, and the contest record through the first five games.  Thanks to the universal win, the winning percentage has jumped to a really nice 57.3% at 802-598.  All-time, we are getting closer and closer to .500, as the group now stands at 49.3% (4238-4358).  Who knew the influx of people would result in us actually getting better?

For tonight, it looks like the community slightly favors SDSU and the under.  Given the potential field conditions as discussed above, the under might be the smart play here.