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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: The Christmas Night Edition

Thanks in no small part to a spectacular scoring barrage in the third quarter, the over/under of 70.5 was short work for Tulsa and Hawaii.  And even though there is still time remaining in the game, I am going to go ahead and assume Tulsa will hang on to the +12 (though given the barrage, it is probably not as safe a bet as I would like to think it is). So, the quick result is Tulsa and the over, which gives us a logjam at 11-3:


The bottom of the barrel is currently held by Blando13, as the coinflip is on a bit of a hot streak, and now is sitting 4-10.

Don't forget about this link to check your picks.  I'm headed to bed.  Full standings and what-not come the next bowl game...whenever that is.

Good night all and Happy Holidays!