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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - On a scale of 1 to 10, or, say, 1 to 1997 Nebraska/2007 Oklahoma, how much will last night's Insight Bowl loss stick with you?  Oh right, hi Doug … um, what's the best thing you've eaten in Albuquerque?

2 - If you're the replay official, do you overturn the Moe catch?

3 - How much does a bowl win or loss impact how you look back on the season as a whole?

4 - Alright, so NOW which bowl game are you most looking forward to watching?  Any of them?

RPT: 1. It'll stick with me, but more as a subtle nagging rather than a debilitatingly frustrating memory. I love the post from whoever it was in the postgame thread last night that said the Iowa loss was frustrating but the Navy loss was embarrassing. For the most part, I thought Missouri played damn well last night. As philosopher Ron Washington might say, "That's the way football go."

2. I'm not sure I have the cojones to make that call. More power to 'em for apparently having the conviction to do so.

3. Very little, though I'm obviously not speaking for the national media. Losing to Iowa doesn't tarnish beating Oklahoma. Beating Iowa wouldn't have made up for losing to Texas Tech.

4. Texas Bowl. HEY!! TOO HOT IN THE HOT TUB! vs. Scheelhaase and the cocked pistol.

The Beef: For me, I think this one fades eventually, so I will say about a 6. 11 wins would have been a really nice achievement, but with the proper perspective, 10 wins is quite stout.  And while I think GP deserves the extension if he is interested, getting one coming off of this loss will only give the vocal minority more to whine about in the coming, slow months.  But like many have said…the team did not show up in Houston, but did (eventually) this time around.  I saw more fire than I’ve ever seen from Blaine, and if that was his last game (and I think it will be), I am pleased to see him display his talents like he did, last pass notwithstanding.

If I am the replay official, I DO turn that call over.  I think it was ballsy that it was done, but I did not think it was a catch.  His initial secure of the ball was not strong, and I believe I saw the ball move twice as he went skidding across the turf.  The view from the back was the most hurtful to our cause in my estimation.  Sucks, but I respect the call.

The season is really going to be about the OU game for me and that entire experience, that noise and wishing my daughter was old enough to remember it like I will.

TCU/Wisc is still exciting for me.  PSU/Florida and OU/UCONN because of my previous affiliations with the schools.  I am guessing there are some others which will turn my eye brow.  And of course, the champ game is still on the horizon.

Doug: 1 - I'm a big fan of Taco Cabana, good tacos, decent prices, not in love with the chips, however. Oh, and in sheer memorableness it'll rank up there with the 2008 KU game.

2 - Actually I was asleep and haven't seen the play, so I'll go ahead and say it was the obvious call for the officials to make and to do otherwise would make a mockery of the replay system.

3 - Not in the least, though it does make me wonder more about Pinkel and his ability to prep a team for a game he has 4 weeks notice on.

4 - I'll flip around the games on New Year's day and I will watch some of the championship game. However, I'm hard pressed to call any appointment television.

The Beef: 3-4 in bowl games is not great, but it does not put me quite there yet.  I can pass 2003 because the team had never been there before.  Don't get Mizzou fans started on the Sun Bowl, and while the front seven on defense pretty much no-showed, we very easily could have won the game last night by 2 TD's.  Only the Navy game showed a total lack of preparation.

That will lead to a different discussion about bowl prep, and with the great work Dave Matter and Gabe DeArmond do, Mizzou fans have amazing access to the bowl practices and their make-up.  The first few are geared towards the red-shirts and their development, and while the ones in the middle before leaving for the bowl destination have function to them, they have more fun with their pro-day 7 on 7 fun formats.  Personally, I like that for the team, but I can see where some will use that to make the opposite point.

Michael Atchison: 1. Honestly, it won’t stick with me much.  It was disappointing the way it unfolded, but the downside is that the Tigers lost the Insight Bowl?  That’s not a knock on the Insight Bowl in particular; it just reflects my feelings about bowls in general.  With the exception of the biggest ones, they just feel like exhibitions to me.  I was probably less excited for this game than any on the schedule, save the lowlights of the non-con.  The season just loses all momentum for me.  Since the football team last played, the basketball team had the Georgetown, Vandy and Illinois games.  My mind is already elsewhere.

2.  I don’t mean this to be a homer, but based on what I saw, there’s no way I overturn it.  I think Sean McDonough had it right.  I’m not sure he caught it, but I don’t think you overturn it.

3.  A bowl win is a cherry on top.  It probably makes the memory of the season 5% better (unless it’s the national championship game, where it impacts memory much more).  I think my answer to number one gives a sense of my feelings on this one.

4.  I’ll probably have other games on, but I’m not sure I’ll really watch anything but the championship game.

5.  I felt terrible for Gabbert.  He was great last night, and he made a bad, bad decision.  It was like English throwing the ball back in the paint to the Georgetown player.  I’m sure he wanted the ball back as soon as it left his hand.  If that’s the way he goes out as a Tiger, it’s a very strange ending.

I won’t be around the rest of the day.  Enjoy your Roundtable.

ZouDave: 1 - I'm already over it.  It's an exhibition game that it's obviously better to win than to lose, but in the end it doesn't make or break our season.  It's not a BCS Bowl, so it's a pretty meaningless game in the grand scheme of things.  We won 10 games again for the 3rd time in 4 seasons, we're at 48 wins in our last 5 seasons, 55 wins in our last 6.  I'm not going to get hung up on one game like this.  I'd rather have won, but even if we'd won I doubt the euphoria would have carried me through much more than the remainder of the week.  For the first time in a LONG time, the Chiefs will probably end up with more wins on the season than Mizzou...and Mizzou had a damn good year.

2 - I do not.  I saw nothing that tells me the ball did or did not hit the ground so I don't overturn the ruling on the field.  If it had been ruled incomplete and I saw those same replay angles, I say there's no way you can overturn it.  The replays I saw during the game were the definition of inconclusive, so I say the ruling on the field stands.

3 - Like I said in #1, not all that much.  It needs to be a pretty major bowl, or it needs to be an epic performance.  A BCS bowl, or at least a January 1 bowl, and yeah it adds a big exclamation point to the season.  Insight Bowl?  A cherry on top at best.  The simple fact is we were not expected to go 10-2 this year (other than I predicted that, so in your faces) and we did.  We beat #1 Oklahoma, we were the last team to beat Texas A&M, we've continued to dominate the schools in kansas, and our program is to the point that one player doesn't define the team.  And we did that this year losing our best RB right before the season started and holding our defense together with duct tape all year.  A 3-point loss to Iowa last night hurts us less than the Navy game did a year ago, and history will show that the loss to Navy cost us exactly nothing outside of a 9-win season instead of an 8-win season.

4 - I guess I'd have to look at what's left to know for sure.  I am looking forward to the MNC game for sure, but we're still like 3 weeks away or something.  I'll basically get home from work and turn on ESPN.  If there's a bowl game on, I'm likely to watch it, at least for awhile.

Bill C.: 1. It will stick with me the same way the 2006 Sun Bowl did -- I'll remember being annoyed, but I won't still be annoyed.  I'm ALREADY mostly un-annoyed.  I was really looking forward to 11-2 and a potential top ten finish, but this game does nothing to my overall optimism for the program as a whole.

I will say, though, that this was potentially the worst-case scenario -- Blaine Gabbert confirms everything Todd McShay said about him and then some (one pass aside) ... and Mizzou still loses.  I'm more convinced he's gone now than I was before the game, though a) the pick six might burn at him enough to where he feels the need to come back and b) I liked that he said "We're going to be awesome next year" to Matter after the game.

2. I was 100% convinced it could not be overturned the first time I saw a replay ... and about 10% less convinced with every replay.  It was fully in "I don't think that was a catch, but I can't prove it" territory until about the seventh replay, when the ball shifting out of bounds had me paranoid.  I'm typically a wuss, so I figure I don't overturn that call (Iowa fans I read on Twitter were fully accepting that it probably wasn't going to be overturned), but nine hours later I can't bring myself to complain about it as much.  (That didn't stop me from being bitchy on Twitter last night -- sorry about that, though I could have been much worse.  But yes, that was me and not Ross.)

3. I do think we Roundtablers are in the minority here, but I agree with all that's been said above.  It's an opportunity -- it allowed the 2008 team to still claim double-digit wins, after all -- but it doesn't change the wins and losses that came before it, and unless the national title is on the line, it really doesn't change anything that happened before it.  I do, however, almost like talking about these losses -- when you lose fewer and fewer games, the actual losses stick with you more sometimes.  In a roundabout way, that's a good thing.

4. I really really hate that it's basically Big Ten-SEC day on January 1, but I'll still watch most of them.  In terms of what I'm looking forward to ... I think OSU-Arizona could be exciting at the very least, and Wisconsin-TCU makes me happy.  And I'm obviously curious if Oregon can hang with Auburn.

ZouDave: can someone please help me with motivation to do work today?  I've been gone since 12/20, I have no backup so I've returned today to a pile of work I can't really even see over.  I'm one of 4 people in the office today (we're at 1/5 capacity for the department) and the 3 people that are here with me are the 3 people I dislike the most in the department.  I'm here today and tomorrow and then I'm off again until 1/3.  My giveadamn is still at home asleep.  I need to get work done, and so far it's not happening.

The Beef: I’ve been at work since 6:30 this morning fighting the same battle, though I just got handed something which I’ve only done once and is going to likely take me the next 2 hours to do, so I’ve got that going for me.

(30 minutes later...)

ZouDave: well if this roundtable keeps up at this pace I'll have no choice but to work.

The Beef: I suppose we can just wait around for Tepper to respond to this from Cabo…

ZouDave: Mexican Super Greg is in Mexico?

The Beef: I thought that was the case….can anyone confirm?  Hey…if you don’t want to work, you can put together an impromptu "Better Know your Vacation Destination" or something…it is bound to be funnier than what Tepper does

/figures Tepper wont actually read this until it is WAAAAY too late

(2 hours later...)

Bill C.: So Gabe at PM just asked an interesting question after watching the post-loss reactions: "How many on here actually enjoy watching the games? The sense I get from most is that you are nervous all day, pissed if they lose, relieved but sometimes still pissed if they win. I thought last night was a very entertaining game even if the wrong team won. Do others think this way or not?"

ZouDave: I saw that, too.  Haven't read the responses yet, but it immediately made me think of my dad last night who was not at all enthused for the game, kept saying before the game that he can't remember the last time he was this apathetic about a Mizzou football game, and then proceeded to get pissed off during the game while we weren't playing well and then left as soon as Moe's catch was ruled incomplete, unhappy.

I enjoyed the game.  I liked watching Gabbert distribute the ball so easily for so much of the game, and I got annoyed when the announcers claimed when Moe wasn't in the game, Gabbert didn't know what to do.  Really?  Seems to me Jackson had 9 catches, Kemp had 7 or 8 catches, and Egnew had like 5+ in the 2nd half.  Pretty sure Blaine knew what to do with the ball most of the night, one terrible pass notwithstanding.

I obviously would much rather we have won the game, but I enjoyed it and can't believe we're now over 8 months away from the next time I'll get to see Mizzou play a game again.  HATE the end of football season.  But I love watching the games, love seeing what this program is becoming, and have learned to let the losses bother me for basically a max of 24 hours and then I've moved on.  I don't believe in curses anymore, I hate the attitude that so many Missouri fans have about refs hating us, media hating us, etc.  I get annoyed when people say they don't want to go to a game because our opponent isn't good enough, and I got REALLY annoyed with someone last night on Facebook that proclaimed Gary Pinkel a failure because he can't win bowl games.

We won 43 games in the entire decade of the 90s.  We're on pace to win 91 in the 10-year stretch of 2005-2014, and we've won 55 games in the past 6 seasons.  I just don't understand why anyone would be anything less than happy with what we've got.  We can still improve, sure, but Mizzou isn't getting the credit from its own fans for how far they've come.  They get that credit from me, that's for sure.  And while I don't think I'm anywhere near a perfect fan I do wish that more people would at the very least act like I do.  I show up early, I stay late, I'm the loudest person in my section and this team has my support no matter where the players are from, what color pants we wear, etc.  It's really pretty easy to be a fan, and if all you want to do is be mad then sports just aren't for you.

Bill C.: I guess I just wonder sometimes why somebody chooses to follow a team/school if they're just going to be miserable the whole time.  You really do see it from a lot of people -- full of rage after losses, full of "meh, whatever, we were supposed to do that" after wins.  If you're never going to be satisfied with anything less than a national title, then if you're a fan of all but a small handful of schools, you're never going to be satisfied.  You can either choose to maximize the positive and minimize the negative, or you can do the opposite ... and the former is much, much more enjoyable.  And healthier.

Michael Atchison: It's not worth your time if it can't break your heart, but it's even worse if it doesn't make you happy. If Missouri football makes you miserable, there's a limitless number of hobbies that can take its place.

ZouDave: Just heard a guy on 810AM while I was driving back from lunch that called in, you could hear the anger in his voice, and he called Pinkel a disgrace, said he embarrasses the conference, said his teams are "never prepared" and he doesn't know how he keeps his job.  When Frank Boal and the other radio guys laughed at him and defended Pinkel, he accused them of just being buddies with Pinkel and that's why they wouldn't say anything bad about him.


The Beef: This just about brings me to the fact I guess Ebner called out some of our fans on twitter or what-have-you in an attempt to defend Gabbert.  And while I agree with the sentiment (though perhaps not the practice in this case), the lunatic fringe is just so sickingly emboldened by these sorts of things, I would almost rather they not be Mizzou fans.

At the same time, I would think Alden will want this dust to settle before inking GP to an extension.  We’ve already wrapped up this recruiting class…so I say wait until Feb or so to give him a jumpstart on being able to talk to HS kids who will finish their 5th year at Mizzou in the year TWO THOUSAND AND SEVENTEEN

ZouDave: I can't wait to see Coach Pinkel once again at the recruiting reception in KC in February, to once again shake his hand and thank him for what he's done for Mizzou.  Every year I am lucky enough to get about 30 or so seconds of his attention, and in that time I thank him for what he's done, wish him well for the upcoming season, and he always graciously thanks me and says something about knowing how much better they need to be and how much harder they need to work.  The guy is pure class, excessively humble, runs a great program, does things the right way, and is setting a new standard for success that will survive long after he's gone.  He's not the best coach in America, but he's OUR coach.

You're right, Beef, I would rather those people not be Mizzou fans.  They're as tiring to me as beaker fans, Nebraska fans, etc.  We all sit near them at Faurot, we deal with them in bars, on the streets, etc.  They're walking around wearing the black and gold, then you strike up a conversation with them about Mizzou and they unleash a tirade about how terrible our offense is, our refusal to run the ball, our inability to take snaps under center, etc.  Meanwhile, we're 10-2, ranked in the top 20 and just had our 6th straight winning season.  Go away and let those of us who enjoy what we have live in peace!