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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: The Lead Pack Gets Thinner Edition

"I'M A CHIN!!  I'M 42!!"(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
"I'M A CHIN!! I'M 42!!"(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The group is starting to get separated out, and we have now just 10% of the group within 2 games of the top.  Two of them are at the very top, as golf2804 continues to hang out at the top, but he is now joined by M7Tiger, who went 4-2 yesterday to reach the top for the first time this year.  Four big games today, kicking off at 11am with Army's return to the post season.  We've been through 14 total games, and now have14 more games in the next three there really a finer time?

SMU, kSU and NU are heavily favored by the contest today, so those three covering would be great.  UNC/Tenn is pretty much split, and lord only knows about the over/unders at this point.

More numbers and stuff after the jump, and Here is a link to the full standings

Checking in at 19-9 and our leaders:


Just one game back at 18-10:


And one game back of them at 17-11:

Bill C.

We have some distance at the bottom as well, with Ausgiano at 6-22 and theWizard at 7-21.  Everyone else is at 9-19 or better.

For the year, the group (helped by Okie State getting it done) sits at 1908-2012, for a winning percentage of 48.7%.  All-time now sits at 48.1%, almost 400 games under .500.  Not too sure we will ever come back from that :-)