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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: The New Year's Eve Edition

Have the day off, so this is going to be brief.

Remember when I said this yesterday?

SMU, kSU and NU are heavily favored by the contest today, so those three covering would be great.

Yeah...didn't happen.

We have a new leader, as Bill C.  went an impressive 6-2 yesterday to finally close the gap.  Because Bill is forgetful and the owner of bad internet, he is actually in the lead by a half-game at 23-12 because he did not pick the O/U of the first bowl game.  At 23-13, he is joined near the top by MUantler and golf2804.  The lead pack continues to break away, as there are now only 12 people within two and a half games of the lead.

Four more games today, so I am guessing the leaders will break away even more.  And for those interested in who I am jinxing today, the contest participants favored Clemson, Georgia and South Carolina pretty strongly. 

More numbers and stuff after the jump, and Here is a link to the full standings

At 23-13 and just behind Bill C:



One game back from that at 22-14:


And one game back of them at 21-15:

transmogrified Tiger

And all by himself at the bottom of the barrel with a pretty astounding record of 7-29....Ausgiano.  The next closest is theWizard at 9-27.

Happy New Year everyone!